TRICARE Vision comes with TRICARE Standard, Prime and Extra. It offers optometry benefits to eligible servicemembers, retirees and their dependents. The benefits you are eligible for depends upon your status in the armed forces. Active duty servicemembers, National Guard members, reservists and retirees receive different benefits.


  • Vision Benefits with TRICARE Prime

    • Active duty servicemembers receive eye care at military treatment facilities (MTFs).
    • Dependents of active duty servicemembers are covered for one comprehensive eye exam per year.
    • Retirees and their dependents are entitled to one comprehensive eye exam biannually.
    • Beneficiaries have no copayments.

  • Vision Benefits with TRICARE Standard and Extra

    • Beneficiaries are entitled to one comprehensive exam per year.

  • The Well-Child Benefit

    • Between birth and age six, children of active duty servicemembers or retirees are entitled to eye exams and vision screening. Children receive:
      • Eye screenings at birth and six months
      • Eye exams biannually between the ages of three and six.

  • Beneficiaries must use a TRICARE authorized ophthalmologist or optometrist. Coverage of eyeglasses and contact lenses are only authorized when the beneficiary is diagnosed with certain conditions.

  • Diabetic patients of every age are entitled to an annual eye examination. 


  • TRICARE Vision does not cover contact lenses or eyeglasses except for when used in the correction of the following conditions:
    • Dry eye
    • Infantile glaucoma
    • Keratoconus
    • Loss of human lens function resulting from eye surgery or congenital absence
    • Irregularities in the shape of the eye

  • Retirees and the dependents of retirees using TRICARE Standard or Extra are not entitled to vision benefits.

  • Children of retirees are not covered for eye exams by TRICARE Prime or Standard after age six.

  • If a beneficiary needs implantable lenses to restore their vision, they are only covered for one set. Replacement lenses are not authorized.

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For more information about TRICARE Vision, visit the TRICARE website.


TRICARE Vision covers the cost of corrective eyeglasses for active duty servicemembers, but in most cases not contact lenses; active duty servicemembers are not allowed to wear contact lenses while on duty.