The Weekly Claw 3-24-09

The Crawfish is truly sorry that most of the news I have reported lately has been so bad. I’ll try to inject a bit more good news, or at least humorous stuff, when I can, but with the current crop of headlines…

His Majesty, Lord Emperor Obama, now believes that the Constitution does not exist at all. He wants to regulate the pay of ALL bank executives, not just the ones at the banks receiving bailout funds. Just where does he get these powers? Who does he think he is? Hugo Chavez? Josef Stalin? Fidel Castro?

Have we seen this pattern before? Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela? Are we on our way to becoming a Banana Republic? Tip of the hat to Poll Katz e-mailer Bill.

I never thought I’d see the day that a sitting Democrat President would face opposition to his invitation to be a commencement speaker at an American university. Looks like some of the Fighting Irish are taking their Catholicism seriously.

Good news for Japan. The current space shuttle mission includes Japan’s first astronaut! Bad news for Japan. He gets to be a guinea pig for an UNDERWEAR test. Yuck!

Tax Cheat Timmy can’t even resign from his post at the Treasury. The Chosen One is still ignoring the fact that Timmy does not have a clue as to what he is doing. The Crawfish believes this to be part of another pattern. Obama seems to be surrounding himself with complete morons in an attempt to make himself look brilliant, hard working, and competent. He will be the Cavalry that rides to the rescue, with some other huuuuuge anti-Constitutional Marxist-socialist program. In a word: FAIL!

The REAL President now has his own blog although he still keeps up the charade that Obama is The Boss.

Looks like the Canucks are more serious about who they let in than the Obama-Holder-Napolitano team.

Rasmussen now reports that SEVENTY NINE PERCENT of Americans support putting US troops on the border to fight drug violence. Is Napolitano EVER going to listen?

When did the Democratic Party gain power in Romania?

This is why The Fair Tax will never get implemented, even though it is the very best plan for our nation’s economic health. It would take power out of the hands of liberals in Congress.

White folks are STILL not allowed to voice any criticism of The Chosen One, or even object to praise of Him that is obviously not rooted in reality. If white folks do those actions, they are RAAAAAAAAACISSSST!!!! And you thought THAT race card was going to go away once the campaign was over.

Y’all knew that it was just a matter of time before the supposed Constitutional scholar nominated a judge that would have as much respect for the Constitution as Red Nanny P-Lousy. Judge David F. Hamilton once ruled that the INDIANA legislature could not have an opening prayer that included the name of Jesus, even though that body is not Congress making a law (for those who see a legislature and equate it with Congress, the Constitution applies to the FEDERAL gummint, not state governments, unless otherwise specifically stated). He is also a fundraiser for ACORN! He’ll probably make Ginsburg look conservative.

Speaking of ACORN, one of their employees testified before Congress that over HALF of the voter registrations that they turned in were invalid. Of course, this story will NOT be allowed to be shown by the mainstream media.

Here’s something else that won’t get the attention it deserves. One of the many muslim-only communities that are springing up, all equipped with firing ranges, was founded by a Pakistani cleric who also founded a terrorist organization linked to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Why do we allow anybody from the Religion of Perpetual Hate to live in our country when their “religion” commands that they kill or enslave us?  Oops.  I might have just gotten onto CAIR’s watch list again…and I’m trying soooooo hard to be a good boy…

Why does the Administration keep trying to make us believe that man-made Glo-Bull Warming is real? Are they incapable of comprehending actual science?

The Crawfish used to be a high school basketball referee, but I don’t think I’d call a technical foul at the start of a playoff game because a team’s jersey has a stripe that doesn’t conform to the national guidelines. If the team was allowed to wear that jersey during the season, then they should not be penalized in the playoffs.

AIG was really covering their tracks. Not only did they donate big bucks to Barack Obama and Chris Dodd, but just before the bailout they made a big donation to the state Democratic Party in Noo Yawk.

Noo Yawk really does elect some classy folks…Spitzer, Rangel, Clinton, Schumer, this guy

President Obama tried to get New Hampshire’s Senator Judd Gregg to be his Secretary of Commerce, but Gregg now says that Obama’s budgetary blueprint will BANKRUPT the whole nation if enacted. I guess that is “Change We Can Believe In.”

It looks like the Chinese government agrees with Senator Gregg!

The Democrat senators not only agree, but are saying that the whole Obama budget plan must be reworked.

“Luuuuuucy! You got some splainin’ ta do!” That seems to be the message that Maxine Waters, who almost ALWAYS stands firm with black Democrats, is giving The Chosen One in reference to Bonusgate.

Why does the left celebrate perversion and denigrate people who oppose the radical heterophobic agenda? Bawney Fwank, who ran a homosexual prostitution ring out of his house that included underage boys, really does need to just go away.

How in the world does an eighth grader get suspended from riding the school bus for having gas? How does the school system expect the kid to get to and from school? His parents are probably at work either in the morning or the afternoon at bus riding time.

The Crawfish wishes a speedy and complete recovery to Robin Williams, one of the most gifted comedians of our time.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” -– Samuel Adams

5 Responses to “The Weekly Claw 3-24-09”

  1. Flag_Gazer Says:

    I need to remind you – you haven’t been on the HISTORIC bandwagon – everything the O does is HISTORIC – it’s all HISTORIC –


  2. Barbara Bonham Says:

    Didn’t Hitler and Castro start the conversion of the people by daily indoctrination?

    Isn’t this what the POTUS/TOTUS has begun?

  3. TheCrawfish Says:

    Flag Gazer,
    I’m a student of history, and the history I see in O is a historical destruction of a great nation!

    Same for Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il-Song…..

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