The Saturday Claw 4-4-09

The Crawfish hopes his readers are getting ready for the Tea Parties on or about National Democratic Party Celebration Day, aka Tax Day, April 15th. If you’re not, just keep reading and I’ll put y’all in the mood!

And you people probably thought that Tuesday’s edition had all of the “Democrats Pushing Hard-Core Socialism” stories for the week. HA! That edition was no sooner published than Bawney Fwank pushed out legislation to put government controls on the pay of ALL employees at companies that get any government assistance, not just the big-time executives.

Ah, Than Franthithco. Home of Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy, a few hundred thousand folks who consider Bawney Fwank to be a god, and a football team that appears to be run by a bunch of metrosexuals who know nothing about sports and real men. I don’t care if my team’s quarterback has some issues about the divorce of his parents years ago. I want to know if he has what it takes to lead the team to victories! By the way, The Crawfish defines “metrosexual” as a gayguy who can’t admit to himself that he is a gayguy.

Speaking of Queercity, Californication, the city’s Board of Supervisors are debating whether to to adopt UN resolutions in order to remain a “sanctuary city.” These people don’t understand anything reality-based.

Back to football for a sec. How in the world does this middle school in Yankee territory expect their students to compete in sports against other schools if they aren’t allowed to touch anybody at school. I do believe football practice includes touching. Liberal moronity run amok.

Keeping up a sports theme for a moment, there’s a story out of Taxachusetts that The Crawfish heard about on The Michael Smerconish Show. Now y’all know how anti-PC I am, but you probably don’t know much of my background. I started playing organized soccer in 2nd grade, later becoming a four-year three-sport letterman in high school with one state championship in soccer. I even played a couple of years of college football and a half-season of college soccer. I was a referee for many years, most notably a soccer ref at every level from U-8 to NCAA Division III B-squads. I have been a U-13 soccer coach, and am the Dad of two elementary school girls. That being said, I would support this man as a youth soccer coach for my kids any day of the week. We need more like him. GO GREEN DEATH!

The Obamites are getting a warm welcome in Europe because of their support for action to combat man-made Glo-Bull Warming, while perpetuating the myth that Earth’s temperatures are still rising, despite all of the actual scientific proof that we have been in a cooling cycle for almost 9 years now. Hard core leftists don’t care about science or real people, they only care about POWER!

And power they will take! Somehow, Tax Cheat Timmy has found that the Constitution allows him to replace executives at many private companies at his will. Notice in the comments section of this link that there are a bunch of clueless liberals who whine about the banks making soooo much money over the past 8 years, so it doesn’t matter that the Constitution is getting raped.

Anything bad that happens on Obama’s watch is blamed on Bush, but anything good that Bush did will get claimed by the Obama Administration. Just ask Gaffes Biden.

It looks like Vince from ShamWow should have used a Slap Chop!

Don’tcha love it when leftist anarchist mobs riot against leftist economic policies and the leftist leaders who are implementing them? This is another example of what happens when cops are unarmed and there’s no political will to uphold law and order. The Crawfish has always said that rioting mobs need to be met with large numbers of 7.62mm projectiles. That would end the protests rather quickly.

The protesters are such idiots that they even attack the police who are trying to get medical attention to one of the protesters! They man later died!

While Townhall blogger BrianR has a nice little rant about the budgetary problem in Californication, The Crawfish found another story on the budgetary problems in Noo Yawk. These two states, numbers 1 and 3 respectively in population, are microcosms of what is going to happen to all of us in the US if the unholy troika of Obama, Reid, and P-Lousy keep control for more than 2 years.

Did y’all really expect campaign promises from The One to be kept? Neither did I.

His Majesty is taking even more unconstitutional control over the US auto industry. Not only is He directing how they are run and restructured, but now He is stating that the US government will guarantee the warrantees of GM and Chrysler. In other words, YOU THE TAXPAYER are going to pay for repairs people need on their cars because of incompetent and overpaid UNION workers.

He is also mandating that the restructuring plans bring about more “green” vehicles. Does this mean that he is going to mandate that SUVs get phased out?

And if He is taking charge and firing the top incompetents, then why, oh why does Ron Gettelfinger still have a job? Of course, to The Crawfish’s way of thinking, every single person at the UAW should be someone actually eligible to be a UAW member…in other words they should all be actual auto workers, not union hacks.

But hold the phone…’cause now even major Democrats on The Hill are asking where King Barack I is getting his power to do these things. When Steny Hoyer thinks the gummint is going too socialist, you know it’s bad!

Does Bill Gates and his company need a chunk of “stimulus” cash just to make traffic a bit more convenient at their headquarters? I didn’t think so, either.

I know that liberals and other uneducated people continually call conservatives names such as “Nazi” or “fascist”, but who’s actions really do parallel the actions of Benito Mussolini?

Hillary!’s lead science advisor evidently believes we need a massive nuclear war or massive abortion programs. Well those are the only conclusions that can be drawn when he states that there are too many people for Earth to sustain itself. He’s free to check himself out of the human race anytime!

The Crawfish really can’t make this kind of stuff up.

Play it again, Sam. Another Obama nominee seems to have had some problems paying her taxes.

Y’all are gonna find this story very hard to believe, but the Noo Yawk Slimes was in the tank for the Obama Campaign and ACORN last year. I know…shocking.

Here’s a story about the kind of people who sponge off of gummint healthcare, and how much they cost the taxpayers. This is how a LOT of folks will act if Obamacare happens, and it will cause the folks who really do need EMERGENCY care to be outta luck.

Does Barack Obama understand what a fool he is making of himself and our nation while overseas, or is that another part of his plan to wreck our country? He makes a speech over there and instead of talking about the United Kingdom, he praises just ENGLAND which of course does not include Wales, Northern Ireland, or Scotland. Then he goes and screws up the diplomatic gift-giving thing again by giving Queen Elizabeth II an i-pod, which she already has. Thanks for making us look soooooo good, Golden Child. He must have forgotten TOTUS.

And then he goes off and not only embarrasses us, but shows us where his loyalties lie by deeply bowing before a foreign monarch from the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thanks again to Townhall blogger GunnyG.

The War Against Law-Abiding Americans by the Administration continues. When ICE raided a work site in Bellingham, WA (The Crawfish has been to that town numerous times), and detained 28 illegal aliens, Homeland Lack Of Security Ditz Napolitano ordered an investigation into why ICE was doing such a dastardly deed as performing their job. It got worse. By now, all 28 have been released, and some of them were even given permits to continue working in the US even though they are here illegally! National sovereignty is something to be gotten rid of, according to the Obamites.

In another attempt to shred the Constitution, the Obamites have hired an expert in statistical sampling to help run the Census. Once again, the Democrats have a hard time understanding the simple language found in the Constitution’s Article I, Section 2, paragraph 3.

How bad can a scandal be if some House DEMOCRATS are calling for Queen of the House Red Nanny P-Lousy to stop covering up and stalling an investigation into some wrongdoing that involves powerful Democrats such as Jack Murtha?

Some other Democrats have joined with Republicans in the Senate to prevent Dingy Harry Reid from breaking Senate rules and pushing through anti-consumer cap-and-trade programs in the budgetary procedures instead of by actual legislation, since budgetary items cannot be filibustered. Rules mean nothing to powerful Democrats, unless they apply only to Republicans.

The first bigtime movie from Hollyweird in the era of Obama that actually espouses an anti-liberal philosophy may be starting production soon. We can all “Go Galt” if Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” hits the big screen next year. It would be a huge hit with the Tea Party Movement!

The “Religion of Peace” once again proves that it is only about intolerance, hate, and violence. As if to underscore that, another Follower of the False Prophet used an axe to murder a 13-year old and to wound a 7-year old. Do the cowards at CAIR want to defend either of these actions? May all muslims choke to death on bacon.

I’m not sayin’ that the Administration is full of LIARS, but the repeated claim by members of the Administration and other liberal loons that 90% of the guns used in crimes in Mexico come from the US is a LIE! Even The Perky One repeated this lie Friday afternoon in her “Katie Couric’s Notebook” radio spot.  I’ve written in to numerous TV and radio shows that the fully automatic weaponry preferred by the cartels is NOT getting smuggled over the border, because you can’t get them here either! Maybe someone might believe me now.

Why is it that in every election, the Democrats try their best to disenfranchise military voters while trying to allow illegal aliens and other non-eligible people to vote without producing any identification? Note that Obama’s Affirmative Action Attorney General’s department aided in the efforts to prevent military personnel from voting.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” -– Samuel Adams

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  1. Ruth Ray Says:

    You gotta tell everyone more about this news:
    “Financial industry paid millions to Obama aide
    Summers earned cash last year from firms over which he now has influence”

  2. TheCrawfish Says:

    Ah, Ruth….have some faith in me! That story is already prepped for Tuesday!!!!

  3. FawnMac Says:

    Thanks for another great issue there Crawfish. As if the dems didn’t keep you busy the last few years, the New Amin is giving you enough fodder for Over Drive!!! If it wasn’t so sad and Unconstitutional, it would be funny. You do a fantastic job finding the Real News to report.

  4. Ruth Ray Says:

    I should have expected that you have it covered Fish!
    No moss growing on you!

  5. TheCrawfish Says:

    It has gotten to the point that I really could do 4 or 5 columns per week if I really wanted to.
    Keep tappin’

  6. TheCrawfish Says:

    moss on a Crawfish? The only thing that I can think of that grows on us water creatures is…….ICK!

  7. Judith Plis Says:

    Still loving your blogs Crawfish!!

  8. TheCrawfish Says:

    just wait for the Tuesday edition.

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