The Weekend Claw 7-24-09

No, I did NOT watch the spin confer…er, PRESS conference on Wednesday night. I had something much more interesting to do…folding and stowing the laundry.

Let’s start this one off with some congrats to Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle, who pitched a prefect game on Thursday. He becomes only the sixth MLB pitcher to have a perfect game AND another no-hitter in his career. Of the previous five, Randy Johnson is still an active player and the other four are in the Hall of Fame. Johnson will also be in the Hall as soon as he becomes eligible, so Buehrle is in some amazing company.

Why is it that every single fascist-socialist agenda item that The Chosen One has for us is described as URGENT or an EMERGENCY? He pulled this with TARP and the “stimulus” bill, claiming that we faced immediate disaster unless they were passed before the average human in Congress had a chance to read more than 10% of the bills. He did it again with Crrap-And-Tax, and now He’s threatening national calamity unless we get Obamacare pushed through before the Congressional recess in August. Is it because He wants everything passed before the American people get wind of what is actually in those boondoggles? Is it that He is afraid that the economic realities are eventually going to be known by us and we’ll be the ones doing the threatening…to bring our pitchforks to DC?  Is it because He knows that when the Congresscritters go back home during their recess the people are gonna be all over them demanding that Obamacare be stopped? Senator DeMint is correct. This could be Obama’s Waterloo, less than a year into the Emperor’s reign.

One of the ways to reduce the cost of health care in America is to do something that The Crawfish’s readers have become well aware of since this subject first came up. You can reduce the cost of health insurance by getting state government mandates OUT of the insurance business and allow the consumers to pick and choose what kinds of coverage they want. Why should a Noo Yawk resident be forced to buy a $12,000.00 policy to cover his family, when a comparable policy in Wisconsin can be had for $3,000.00?

When a person or a company is perpetrating fraud on a massive scale, one of the standard tactics they use to keep going is to delay the release of any monetary numbers that might tip off the authorities, the owners, or the voters. The folks at ACORN’s headquarters, an old funeral parlor in N’awlins that is also listed as the headquarters address for over 300 “community organizer” organizations…as if THAT isn’t a billboard announcing “LOOK HERE FOR FRAUD!”…have failed to submit their required yearly paperwork to the state of Louisiana. Could this be because they don’t want to show exactly how much they are in bed with the unions and are anything but non-partisan in their election “support” for The Chosen One? They taught their favorite son a valuable lesson, evidently. King Barack I is refusing to release a key economic report that usually comes out in mid-July. The reason being given is that this is normal in a Presidential transition year, but the actual reason is that the numbers in that report would cause the sheeple to have a greater understanding of how much debt the Administration is putting us in already, and how much worse the economy has gotten since He took control of it. He doesn’t want the bad economic news to be released until AFTER he can rush Obamacare through Congress.

Wow, did The Chosen One ever step in it at the end of his press conference. He proved that he is no better than the not-so-reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Be The Jackson in his racism when he attacked the police officers of Cambridge, MA. He said that their actions were stupid, but that He didn’t know the particulars. All He knew was that a black friend of His had been arrested at his own house. He also said that this incident highlights the problems of race relations in the US. Well, The Crawfish has read the actual police reports and the interviews with the people who were involved. The professor was screaming about the cops being racist from the very first moment, was uncooperative and combative, and DESERVED to be arrested. In many parts of the country, his behavior would have resulted in his meeting the business end of a baton or a taser.  The Great Black Hopeandchange is correct when He states that this highlights the problems of race relations in the US, because it clearly shows that many black liberals will do whatever they can to fan the flames of racism even where none is evident. A UNION, the Fraternal Order of Police, has even come out with a statement that rebukes The Chosen One for His statements at the presser, which The Arrogant and Ignorant One, aka Press Secretary Gibbs, spent Thursday trying to spin into meaning something completely different from what was actually said. Heck, even America’s favorite black father figure, Bill Cosby, was critical of Obama’s remarks, saying that He rushed to judgment playing the race card without knowing the facts of the incident.

In another WE TOLD YOU SO moment, it now appears that The Chosen One is delaying ANOTHER report that would have bad news for His followers who demanded that He shut down Gitmo on Inauguration Day. Since the Administration still has no clue what to do with the terrorists and illegal combatants held there, the report on what to do about Gitmo has been delayed for another six months.

If you think Obama’s complete dishonesty with the American people is bad, get a load of the lies he told to THE POPE on his visit earlier this month. The Vatican’s spokesman said, “the president explicitly expressed his commitment to reducing the numbers of abortions and to listen to the church’s concern on moral issues.” Sorry, but Obama is one of the only Corruptionois State Senators who voted to disallow medical treatment to babies who initially survive abortions. White House domestic policy director Melody Barnes, when questioned about the Vatican statement, said, “It is not our goal to reduce the number of abortions.” As a matter of fact, Obama has requested in his budget AND through the Obamacare bill that federal funding for abortions be implemented, repealing the Hyde Amendment from 1976 that prohibited taxpayer money from being used for abortion. Barack Obama, the man who LIES TO THE POPE!  And the left is still proud of this guy?

If any of my readers had any doubts about the sub-humanity that is the regime of the Mad Mullahs of Iran, and fundamental Islam in general, this story should cure you of disbelief. Since it is forbidden, under their perverse religion and its laws, to execute a female virgin, virgins who have been sentenced to death are forced to “marry” guards the night before their executions. Then they are forcibly and repeatedly raped in order to make them fit for execution. Where are CAIR and the other terrorist apologist organizations (the Democratic Party, CNN, ABC, NBC, See-BS, The Noo Yawk Slimes…) to denounce THIS? The Crawfish must assume that they actually approve of that behavior from the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet.  Hat tip to Ginny of the Poll Katz.

Back to Obamacare for a moment. There’s another reason to laugh (or cringe) at the Administration’s handling of this bill. In a conference call with left wing extremist bloggers, The Chosen One admitted that even HE didn’t know what was in the bill! If you’re pushing something this radical this hard, shouldn’t you at least have a clue as to its contents? This guy’s making Jimmuh Cahtuh look more and more competent on a daily basis!

The Mayo Clinic, one of the pre-eminent health care institutions in the nation, had this to say about the current Obamacare bill in the house, “Although there are some positive provisions in the current House Tri-Committee bill – including insurance for all and payment reform demonstration projects – the proposed legislation misses the opportunity to help create higher-quality, more affordable health care for patients. In fact, it will do the opposite. In general, the proposals under discussion are not patient focused or results oriented. Lawmakers have failed to use a fundamental lever – a change in Medicare payment policy – to help drive necessary improvements in American health care. Unless legislators create payment systems that pay for good patient results at reasonable costs, the promise of transformation in American health care will wither. The real losers will be the citizens of the United States.” So tell us once again why we should support this extravagant socialistic pile of manure?

So how well does rationed socialistic medicine work? Why don’t you ask the Reinbach family over in England about it. Their son, age 22, was denied a liver transplant because he was too ill to leave the hospital and prove to the bureaucrats that he would seriously try to do whatever it took to get help and defeat his alcoholism. Obamacare, coming soon to a facility that used to care about treating patients near you.

Section 1233 of the Obamacare bill is titled “Advanced Care Planning Consultation” and requires senior citizens to meet with their doctors periodically to discuss dying with dignity. Yes, you will be forced to consult with your doc to have him counsel you on when it is appropriate for you to commit suicide to save the gummint money.  Ginny of the Poll Katz earns another hat tip.

We have even more proof that the arab nations don’t really give a rat’s tail section about the so-called palestinians. This time it is the Kingdom of Jordan, where most of the so-called palestinians came from in the first place and from which Yassir Arafat barely escaped with his life while disguised as an old woman, which shows that the arabs only care about the so-called palestinians in order to have an anti-Israel issue and to support Islamic terrorism. Jordan is revoking the citizenship of the so-called palestinians, something Israel never did. If their fellow arabs can’t stand ‘em and won’t give them rights, why should Israel?

In advance of the Wednesday evening presser, Rahm “Ballerina” Emmanuel stated that The Chosen One would use the event as a six-month report card and would talk about “how we rescued the economy from the worst recession.” Really? EPIC FAIL! If you haven’t noticed, unemployment numbers are still going up and your policies are driving the economy to the brink of a depression. You didn’t rescue anything, except maybe the CONSERVATIVE movement in America.

Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin hit another home run with her Friday column this week. She notes how HHS Secretary Kathleen “I love abortionists, especially those who perform partial birth ones!” Sebelius told a crowd in N’awlins, “I think it would be wise to let science guide what the best health care package is.” This is really bad news for America, because the science czar is a long-time advocate of forced abortions, mass sterilization, eugenics, and population control, and his office refuses to answer simple questions about his writings on the subjects and his affiliations with others who are major players in the eugenics field.

It is a rarity, so we’ll have to note it and give Barack Obama his props for it. The Chosen One actually told the truth (partially) about Obamacare at the Childrens National Medical Center on Monday. He said “The reforms we seek would bring greater competition, choice, savings and inefficiencies to our health care system.” Now if you remove the words “competition, choice, savings and”, then he would have been FULLY telling the truth.

Being a member of the mainstream liberal media does have its perks. Take the case of David Malakoff, the former science editor from National Public Radio, who downloaded hours of child porn/child rape videos but got exactly ZERO prison time, even though federal sentencing guidelines call for six to eight years. The judge, Ellen Huvelle, was appointed to the US District Court for DC in October of 1999, which means she was appointed to the court by noted sex crimes offender Bill Clinton. No wonder she’s soft on sex crimes. Hat tip to Townhall commenter “beachmom”.

Beachmom” gets another hat tip with this link. Homeland Security Ditz Napolitano has named a new Assistant Secretary for the Office of Policy Development at DHS. The new guy is Arif Alikhan, who in the past has been a fundraiser for Islamic groups that have called muslim terrorist actions against the US “legitimate operations”, have called Hezbollah “freedom fighters”, and claimed that 9-11 was probably committed by Israel to divert attention from the Israel vs terrorist muslim organizations conflict. Of course, CAIR has already come out in support of his appointment, so you know he’s anti-American.

The extremely liberal Simon Property Group has attacked America’s conservatives again. One of their malls has a kiosk that sells anti-Obama bumper stickers and posters, along with other anti-liberal and anti-big government stuff. Since there was anti-Obama stuff, someone (a plant from the company?) wrote in to Simon calling the merchandise “racist” and “offensive”, so Simon is not letting the kiosk owner renew his lease, saying the merchandise wasn’t “neutral” enough. There are plenty of stores in the mall with pro-Obama merchandise and merchandise that is very offensive, but they are allowed to continue uninterrupted. Whenever possible, BOYCOTT SIMON PROPERTIES!

Imagine The Crawfish’s surprise when he found out that a shady proposal, written by Bobby Rush and 6 other Democrats from Corruptionois, to spend $160,000,000.00 of your money for Motorola (based in Corruptionois) radios to give away to Mexico was included in a Defense spending bill put forth by the World’s Only EX-Marine John “ABSCAM” Murtha (D-Pennsyltucky).

Battling back against that kind of junk is Representative Jeff Flake (R-AZ), who is proposing 540 amendments to scrap all of the earmarks in the current Defense spending bills. Good luck, Representative Flake.

The Crawfish is shocked, SHOCKED I SAY to find out that an event at Texas Southern University, one of the nation’s largest “Historically Black Colleges and Universities”, attended by wacked out moonbat Congresscritter Sheila Jackson-Lee and honoring a rapper named “Trae” was interrupted by gunfire that wounded six people. The gunfire was possibly part of an ongoing conflict between gangs, which again makes me say I’M SHOCKED! Gangs? In Houston?

The first step in the Obama Administration backing off and letting Iran’s Mad Mullahs build nukes has occurred. Hillary! is now openly discussing what we would do if Iran’s nuke program were to produce weapons. She says that we’d have to arm our allies in the region and extend our defensive umbrella. WRONG! The thing to do is to prevent Iran from building nukes in the first place! If Iran builds one, they WILL use it. The only question is where.

While the Prophet Algoracle is travelling around the world in his private jet screeching about Glo-Bull Warming, his hometown of Nashville set temperature records for three consecutive days. Record COOL temperatures, that is. Was that Algoracle’s credibility that I saw getting flushed this morning? It gets even better, as the media capital of the world, Noo Yawk City, is on pace to have the 2nd coldest July in recorded history!

USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan issued what has to be the most idiotic statement of the week that didn’t come from a Democrat politician. She said that ESPN’s Erin Andrews basically brought the hotel peeping tom video of her naked upon herself by (gasp) being sexy. The Crawfish is guessing that Brennan is just jealous of Andrews’ beauty and fantastic body, while Brennan herself can’t get a date that isn’t battery operated.

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, e-mail them to me at and I’ll consider ‘em. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit.

“On a more serious front, I sincerely hope that when the president goes in for his annual check-up, the doctors at Bethesda will do a brain scan. Surely something must be terribly wrong with a man who seems to be far more concerned with a Jew building a house in Israel than with Muslims building a nuclear bomb in Iran.” –columnist Burt Prelutsky

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