Spouse and Family Blog Update

Don’t forget to stop by the Spouse and Family blog to say ‘hi’ and to read the information that is posted there. Some of it is fun, some of it is serious, and all of it is informative!

Today I posted some tips from my friend Patti whose husband has PTSD. She has learned how to take a very difficult situation and support and love her husband in their new life together as a married couple facing PTSD/TBI. Stop by and take a peek. Leave a comment or two, as well!

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3 Responses to “Spouse and Family Blog Update”

  1. PHAT93 Says:

    my fiance and i are having some difficulties can someone help me understand why he won’t and doesn’t:
    1:smile vary much
    2:he wont talk about his “feelings” like when hes upset
    3:he seems distant
    he just doesnt seem to happy,and i love him to much to see him like this what should i do? is it like a marine thing to always look pissed off?

    and me im having trouble with the distance hes so far away and i worrie about him so much i dont want anything to happen to him..it makes me feel bad that he is such an amazing man and he puts his life on the line for his country and im alway complaining that i want him home i just need som help understanding why im feeling this way and i need to know what more to expect from the military because it is the career he has picked and i want to be able to suport him 100% without any complaints?

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