Hiroshima Day 2011 The Weekend Claw

My apologies to Mrs. AL and the rest who really wish that I had less to write about. Maybe next week….

A) American ingenuity PAYS OFF AGAIN! The Crawfish gives a big salute to Ernie Fessenden and Kevin Guy for saving the lives of American soldiers!

B) Attention my friends! We must all be extremely careful about what we say on the web now. The Obamites are now monitoring the web, especially social networks, for “extremist propaganda.” Of course, this means that they will ignore everything said by the Democrats and muslims, while focusing on all conservative bloggers and Tea Party groups. Big Brother is watching you, again.

C) This has to be one of the funniest postings by Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin in quite a while, and the reader comments keep the laughs going. The Top 10 Obama Birthday Party games. It is better than any Letterman Top 10 list.

D) The Crawfish grew up thinking of attending Southern Methodist University. This news makes me like the Mustangs even more!

E) Now that the Kick the Can of Debt Down the Road Bill has passed, we can expect the Democrats to start kicking their campaign into high gear. Step one is to start praising the economy, even if it is still in the toilet. Oh wait, it has already started! Debbie the Ditz says that the Obamites are “continuing to get this economy turned around” and that “We’re creating jobs each month in the private sector.” Well, they have succeeded in turning the economy around. It is now precisely 180 degrees from where it should be. As for jobs in the private sector, the government doesn’t create a single private sector job. Even if she means that the Obama Economy is creating jobs in the private sector, 5 to 10 jobs at McDonald’s per month just won’t cut it!

F) So how has the market taken this debt deal? If it was a good deal, the Dow Jones would be on the way up. Unfortunately for America, on Thursday the Dow did something unseen since the salad days of James Earl Carter, it lost ground for a ninth consecutive day. Not only did it go down, it plummeted 513 points, or 4%, in the worst day of trading since 2008. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now below where it was to start the year. Can you say Wreckovery Summer? The only reason that the Dow posted a 60 point gain on Friday was the news out of Italy, where the leaders have decided to actually vote on a constitutional balanced budget amendment and other fiscal reforms.

G) In related news, Obama celebrated that wonderful birthday present Thursday night.

H) White House Propaganda Minister Carney shrugged off the economic train wreck by merely saying “markets go up and down”, before blaming the problems on the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the unrest in the Middle East. Of course, we KNOW it can’t be the fault of Keynesian economics and a spend-crazy government!

I) Back to the debt deal for a moment. The first part of the deal raised the debt ceiling by $400 billion. In less than 3 days, Barack Obama has already used up 60% of that amount. He’s going to need a debt limit increase before that unConstitutional “super committee” even gets named!

J) The leeches WANT their children to continue in their mooching footsteps! Parents (in that community it is almost exclusively one per child) in Atlanta are actually defending the principal and teachers at a school where massive cheating, by the teachers, happened on state tests. Obviously, they don’t want their children to actually feel the need and desire to succeed on their own, since that would be “acting white”. Success by the chirrun might lead to a lack of welfare checks.

K) Like I said on Wednesday, my Senator is officially an idiot. He actually says that the debt deal is a step in the right direction, even though there are no real cuts outside of defense, but there are real tax hikes. Puh-leeeeeze let me win the next Mega Millions so I can mount a primary challenge against this moron RINO.

L) Even Leon Panetta, hardly a conservative, says that the defense cuts in the debt deal “would do real damage to our security, our troops and their families, and our ability to protect the nation.” Does that disturb Harry Reid, Chuck U Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, D!ck Durban, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, or Barack Obama? On the contrary, that is why THEY are celebrating!

M) The debt deal legislation violates the Constitution, but since Obama, Reid, Upchuck, D!ck, and the bunch are happy about it, you probably had that figured out already.

N) Here is my take on the debt deal, summed up with three words.

O) Now that it is over, Obama says: “I’ll continue also to fight for what the American people care most about: new jobs, higher wages and faster economic growth.” I think we’ve heard that before, but I could be wrong.

P) Here’s another $175 million that can be cut from the federal budget immediately. Why should I pay thousands of dollars to give people the luxury of not having to drive over an hour and a half to an airport? I know that $175 million is chump change in this battle, but if we can keep finding this kind of useless expenditure, we can make a solid dent in the problem.

Q) You will be absolutely shocked to see that Barack Obama has already received the endorsement for the Presidential race in 2012 by his true political party. No, their symbol isn’t a jackass, but their endorsee is one.

R) The union that I am forced to pay dues to is now officially guilty of extortion. The IAM has told the workers of South Carolina that they will end their NLRB action against Boeing if the workers join the IAM.

S) Free cell phones and internet are now officially “civil rights” according to the Democrats. I’m looking through my copy of the Constitution, and I just don’t see where the government has the authority to tax me in order to provide such luxuries to those who are too lazy to get a job or who spend all of their money on drugs, booze, smokes, and X-Boxes.

T) The liberals are calling Constitutionalists “terrorists”, but who really is terrorizing Americans? That would be the liberals and their federal bureaucracy. Did you know that it is now a federal crime to sell fresh milk? Natural foods are strictly verboten, thanks to the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009, brought to you by those brainiac statists Nancy P-Lousy, Harry Reid, and Barack Hussein Obama. Yes, the federal government IS in charge of every bit of your life!

U) That “terrorist”, “hostage taking”, and “gun to our head” public polling data must have been huge for the Dems. Now Upchuck Schumer is saying that the GOP is “holding hostage” and has a “gun held to the head” of the Dems in regards to an FAA funding bill. Give it a rest, moron!

V) What similarities do you see with this incident, and this one, besides the fact that both happened in localities that are not friendly to concealed handgun licenses? Do they look like the same people who perpetrated all of those violent “flash mobs” earlier this year in a bunch of “urban” areas? If you noticed, and agreed, then obviously you are a racist hostage-taking terrorist.

W) Meanwhile, MSNBC is investigating to see if the Tea Partiers are “addicts” and “delusional” because they are “pursuing goals that can’t be achieved.” Really? A Constitutional government can’t be achieved? Sanity in fiscal policy can’t be achieved? Only as long as the Dems run DC!

X) For those out there who still try to claim that Islam is a religion of peace, it isn’t and will never be as long as it is based upon the words of the unholy Quran.

Y) For all of the talk of the GOP not allowing any tax increases in the debt deal, there sure are an awful lot of tax increases on the way. Let’s point these out to Dingy Harry’s “negotiators” in the “super committee”.

Z) Here’s a good one. At a high school in Minnesota, a bunch of white kids dressed up with sagging pants and oversized jerseys, and flashed gang signs all day during homecoming week for a couple of years, imitating exactly what the black students get away with every day. A FORMER student says she was traumatized by this back in 2009, so she is suing in 2011. If she was soooo traumatized, she should have told the black students to pull up their damned pants and keep their gangland crap in the hood! She really had to go out of her way to get offended by this one, and the white kids are a bunch of racist hostage-taking terrorists.

AA) There is hope for The Crawfish on the horizon. We have an actual conservative running for the Senate seat of the retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison (Sellout-TX). Here is Tom Leppert’s take on the debt deal, and his position on a number of other issues. Note that he wants to bring the federal government back in line with the Constitution. Could it be that we will have a strong conservative leader who may eventually take over the GOP leadership in the Senate?

BB) The Army is about to start issuing some new equipment, of British design, to soldiers. It is supposedly to protect the femoral artery, but doesn’t look like it covers that area. Will this get issued to female soldiers, too? (read the comments!!!)

CC) And finally, we have proof that the right wing extremist, hostage taking, racist, gun to the head terrorists of the Tea Party WERE 100% RIGHT! Whaddya have to say NOW?

If y’all come across any weird/stoooopid/strange news stories that might be fodder for The Weekly Claw or The Weekend Claw, you can post them on my writer page on Facebook or e-mail them to the address listed on that page. Yes, I will give you newshounds credit if I use your input.

“If you blow stuff up & kill people, you’re a militant or insurgent. If you want less spending & lower taxes, you’re a terrorist. If conservatives want liberals to stop calling them terrorists, they should start actually killing people. Worked for the Muslims.” –Jim Treacher

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