10-26-2011 The Weekly Claw

Do ya ever get the feeling that most of the major cities in America are suffering from a severe lack of responsible adults, especially in positions of leadership?

A) The Party of the Trial Lawyers has reached a new low. A Democrat who lost his Congressional seat after a single term is suing a group that helped his opponent in the 2010 elections. He’s claiming a “loss of livelihood” in his suit. The federal judge who is actually allowing the case to go forward is (surprise, surprise) AN OBAMA APPOINTEE! This mental midget was elected when the “Hopey-Changey” movement swept the country, but got his tail kicked out of Congress when the Tea Party awakened American voters and they in turn elected some real adults. If a conservative pulled that kind of entitlement childishness, he or she would be pilloried in every media outlet and would be the butt of jokes by the late-night television “comedians” for weeks.

B) Did y’all ever hear of any arrests of Tea Party activists in any of their protests? Since the Tea Party folks are law and Constitution abiding people, of course not. The “occupiers”, on the other hand, are not what you might call the better class of society. Take a look at the kinds of activities involved with the Occupy Boston protests and the Occupy Oakland protests. Then ask yourself why Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Gaffes Biden, and the rest of the left wing extremists support these folks. The “occupiers” in other cities made sure that they got arrested by staying in the gathering places after their permits expired. When police enforced city ordinances in Chicago, one of the spoiled brats stated “The police came in and again took away our right to free speech and assembly.” No, punk, you still have those rights, but you must comply with posted city ordinances and permits.

C) Victor Davis Hanson has an interesting take on the mindset shown by most of the college-age “occupiers”, and it meshes with what The Crawfish and many of his readers have opined lately. Lots of these kids are deep in debt from student loans (or their parents are), and they are coming to realize that all of the classes they have taken have just been liberal indoctrination that has not given them any chance of getting a real job with a real future. They can’t go off on their beloved liberal academia, so they are throwing hissy fits.

D) Democrat Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of Taxachusetts is taking credit for the “intellectual foundation” of the “occupiers”. They have an intellectual foundation? Since when? I mean, when they don’t even know why they are protesting, and are made up of or supported by druggies, anarchists, socialists, communists, Iranian mullahs, and Nazis what kind of intellectual foundation do they have? I just have to include this link here because it shows the vapidity of these left-wing stooges.

E) The “occupiers” want all sorts of free money, including the elimination of all of their student loans, but now they are quibbling amongst themselves over, get this, the distribution of money that has been donated to their cause. They have even set up a mini-government just like the one they want to get rid of. Hypocrisy?

F) The Democrats and their media suckups keep trying to say that the Tea Party rallies were full of hate and racism, although they can never show any examples of such behavior. Meanwhile, they completely ignore all of the hate and racism that pervades their “occupy” rallies. Once again, if the liberals try to pin some sort of behavior on conservatives, it usually means that it is behavior that liberals are truly guilty of.

G) The spokesperson for “Pervs R Us”, also known as the Transportation Security Agency, is denying that one of their agents was behind the note in this story, despite it being written on one of their forms and found inside luggage after an overseas flight. If the female in this story had been ugly, I would have spared my male readers the need to use brain bleach by not including it.

H) Here’s something else from overseas that the “occupiers” and the American left will probably be calling for in the near future. Yes, this report sponsored by the Labour Party in Britain calls for older empty-nesters to be heavily taxed if they stay in houses that are larger than they really need. Who says how big is too much for the needs? What if the family has grandchildren that come to visit for a couple of weeks during the summertime?

I) Jimmy “the dhimmi” Carter started this process with his turning over of Iran to the Mad Mullahs, who executed more people in a single year than the Shah’s security forces did in over two decades. The Chosen One is continuing the process, as Tunisia and Egypt are already being taken over by islamist theocratic governments, and now Libya is going the same way. Maybe the mullahs were correct last year when they said Barack Obama was the great hope for a new Worldwide Caliphate, or at least one throughout the Middle East.

J) Meanwhile, Obama shows a complete lack of class and respect when dealing with one of the moderating nations in the world of Islam. Crown Prince Sultan bin Abd al-Aziz, the heir apparent to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, died in Noo Yawk on Saturday. The Chosen One sent his statement of condolence from the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base, where he was playing round 27 for the year with three junior aides.

K) Just as predicted here, the Israeli sellout of exchanging over 1000 so-called palestinian terrorists for a single Israeli soldier has done nothing but embolden the terroristic death cult known as Islam to kidnap more Israelis, especially soldiers. Now there is a “cleric” who is offering over $100,000 to any Follower of the Pedophilic False Prophet who kidnaps an Israeli soldier.

L) Democrats seem to screw up foreign policy as much as they do domestic policy. Our good friend Gunny G gives us a history lesson that shows why we should never again let a Democrat (or a liberal Republican) occupy the White House.

M) A liberal federal judge has thrown out Florida’s state law that demands drug testing for welfare benefits, saying it is a violation of the 4th Amendments unreasonable search clause. What this judge failed to note is that giving taxpayer money to those who are too damned lazy to get a job is more unConstitutional than demanding that leeches prove that the money we give them isn’t going straight to the drug cartels.

N) A top American nuclear power regulator is stating that nobody died from radiation exposure at the Fukushima nuke plants that were devastated by the earthquake-tsunami combo in Japan. Is that what they are saying for public consumption or is it the truth? I don’t know if I believe it or not.

O) In response to His Majesty’s newest plan to fix the housing market, a foreclosure expert said, “The previous three plans haven’t been effective — and this one isn’t going to be effective, either.” Correct. What would have PREVENTED this problem would have been the repeal of the Community Reinvestment Act, REAL supervision of the Democrat crooks who were running Fannie and Freddie into the ground while collecting tens of millions in bonuses, and banks/lending institutions having the ability to tell people that they were not going to make those loans because those folks had no way on God’s green earth to afford such loans.

P) While The Won is out fundraising in Hollyweird, the press pool is forbidden from taking any photos at the lavish high-dollar events, but they are more than welcome to photograph The Won at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles in El Lay. You see, even though King Barack I and Queen micHELLe Antoinette believe that anybody whose net worth is under $5 million is beneath them, they want to be known as at home with the commoners, and the media is more than happy to oblige them. As Andre Agassi once said in a camera commercial, “Image is everything.”

Q) The Anointed One even has the State Department raising funds for him, although they are not for his campaign. The State Department has recently purchased over $70,000.00 worth of Barack Obama’s ghost-written books to put into libraries around the world and to use as gifts. I’d say that is a gross misuse of government funds and that whoever authorized the purchases should be put on trial starting February 1, 2013.

R) At least there is one union leader in our nation who has the cojones to stand before Congress and testify about how the Administration is intentionally violating our federal laws. The president of the union that represents ICE officers testified that the Administration has ORDERED ICE agents to not arrest illegal aliens that have criminal records and deportation orders against them. This order also extends to those who have been deported and have re-entered, thus committing a felony. When are we going to see any criminal proceedings against the crooks in this Administration?

S) I’ve posted it before, but this cartoon needs to be seen on a regular basis.

“The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it.” –James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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  1. goodland287 Says:

    What exactly are they protesting by “Occupying” certain areas of our country? I know we have a flawed government but by doing this they are only making our problems worse.And as far as the ICE thing, if they are here illegally they are wrong and we should be deporting them. No questions asked.

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    To be fair, it was Heidi and Nina who made the comment about souffle boobs.

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