11-20-2011 The Weekend Claw

As we enter Thanksgiving week, what do we have to be thankful for? Our economy is purposely being destroyed and our national defense is being undermined by the Administration and their cohorts in Congress. Our heritage, traditions, religions, and our Constitution are constantly being attacked by the far left and their allies in the media and the ACLU. Our government is growing at an exponential rate, completely beyond all semblance of the limited government described by the Constitution. There is scandal after scandal emanating from the White House. The “occupy” protests are getting favorable press and treatment from authorities despite their messages of anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, freeloading, and anarchy. On top of that, in an election cycle that should be a slam dunk against these socialists, communists, and anarchists; we have a severe lack of strong candidates running for the GOP nomination. Oh, and the jobs market still sucks, as yours truly can attest.

A) Back when Barry Almighty was campaigning, The Crawfish found his main campaign document on his Pennsylvania campaign website. “The Blueprint for Change” was written in 16 chapters, so I wrote a 16-part series dissecting it. That was almost four years ago. Did my criticisms prove correct?

B) On Sunday, Ron Paul reminded all of us that he is one of the biggest idiots in DC when it comes to foreign policy. First of all, he said that American policies were to blame for 9/11, instead of putting the blame where it belongs…on the Quran. Then he said that he would pull all American troops from overseas bases, saying that submarines and long-range missiles are enough of a deterrent. Sorry, moron, but submarines aren’t going to stop the Psychotic Midget with the Funky Hair and High Heels from crossing the DMZ. He finished it off by saying that we should have no sanctions or any other actions against Iran, since there is no proof that they have or are working toward a nuclear weapon.

C) I’m not going to say that the Obama Administration has suborned perjury, but I will point out that other people are now testifying to that point. I know…you’re shocked.

D) Dingy Harry Reid has shown his true anti-American colors…again. He is now on record as saying he will oppose any and all efforts to spare national defense from the draconian cuts that will be triggered by his purposely built-to-fail “super committee”. The Democrats WANT to gut the armed forces as much as possible, and if the “super committee” fails, they can blame it on the GOP no matter what the truth is.

E) One of the Democrats on the “super committee” even came out and said that a lack of a deal wouldn’t be a failure. Rep. Xavier Becerra said that the automatic cuts in defense would be “progress”.

F) There is a plan in writing before Congress to cut the federal budget deficit by $9.7 trillion over the next decade, and it does so without raising taxes. There was even a hearing on this plan, but the Democrats made sure that it would be closed to the public and all microphones were removed from the hearing room. As per usual, the Democrats will pooh-pooh any plan that reduces spending as “not serious” and continue to say that the Republicans are leading a “do-nothing” Congress.

G) European Union has now officially jumped the shark. When the EU bans bottled water companies from saying that their products can prevent dehydration, you know they’re nothing but idiots.

H) Where will the trail of crony capitalism end? As if the Solyndra scandal wasn’t enough, now we are finding out that another “green energy” company used political connections to get a huge taxpayer-funded bailout to the tune of $1.4 BILLION. Of course, the biggest investor in the company, BrightSource, is by no means a conservative. He is none other than Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

I) There’s another crony capitalism deal that has been discovered by the non-mainstream media (which refuses to acknowledge ANY scandal involving Barack Hussein Obama, MMM, MMM, MMM!). The Administration has made a no-bid, no-competition deal, the kind that they excoriated the W Administration for doing in war zones, worth over $433 million for a drug that medical experts say is completely unnecessary. The drug is to treat smallpox, which has been almost completely wiped out on this planet and for which danged-near every single person in the United States has been inoculated. Did I mention that the head of the company is big-time Democrat donor Ronald Perelman, and that he appointed former SEIU purple shirt thug President (and extremely close Friend of Barry) Andy Stern to the company’s Board of Directors to lobby for the contract (and amazingly got another $3 BILLION contract for the company almost immediately)? Oh, and one of the Administration’s top biodefense bureaucrats went after a Department of Health and Human Services person who dared to question the profit projections of the company? This stinks on ice almost as much as the Kennedy deal.

J) Oh, and by the way, the original crony capitalism deal of this bunch is getting worse by the day. Y’all remember when Barack Obama declared that federal bankruptcy laws don’t mean anything if they get in the way of his friendship with the unions? You know, when he gave the actual creditors of General Motors the shaft by giving the company to the UAW and bailing them out for over $85 BILLION? Remember how he promised that the taxpayers would end out profiting from this deal in the end? Well times they are a-changin’, ‘cause the Treasury just announced that the taxpayer LOSSES in that deal have gone up from $14.33 BILLION to $23.6 BILLION. The American taxpayers need to sue the UAW for that money, and need to put every single person involved in that deal in prison for at least 20 years.

K) Only in this Administration… Joe Biden attended a meeting of the Government Accountability and Transparency Board. The meeting was closed to the press and public. They prefer to be opaque.

L) Our good friend Gunny G found a photo from the “occupy” protests that is simply pure gold. Where do they find these idiots?

M) Barry’s illegal alien uncle, who is still holding a job at a liquor store that should be held by an AMERICAN citizen, is trying to get his DUI case thrown out. He’s claiming that his Constitutional rights were violated by the police when they had the audacity to pull him over for driving erratically and nearly crashing into a police car. Apparently Uncle Onyango believes that he has Constitutional rights in this country even though he was ordered to leave the country almost 20 years ago. Listen up, non-dryback, the only rights you have in the USA are the right to get your sorry butt on a plane back to Kenya and to take whatever possessions you have with you. Other than that, you have NO rights.

N) Here is an explanation of why Uncle Onyango is still in the US. The Obama Administration now has a formal policy that they will only deport illegals who are convicted criminals. If that isn’t an incentive for more illegal immigration, I don’t know what is. As long as you don’t commit crimes, other than being here illegally, you can stay as long as you want!

O) Here’s a refresher for those of you who haven’t read my rants about how all of Islam is our enemy. Their not-so-holy book commands that all non-muslims are the enemy of Allah and his faithful.

“The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it.” –James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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