2-15-2012 The Weekly Claw

The big controversy over Obamacare’s mandates that force religious organizations to pay for insurance coverage that violates their faiths is missing a major point. ANY business owner whose faith opposes birth control and abortion should not be forced by the government to purchase such coverage for his or her employees. It is a Constitutional violation for individuals as well as religious organizations. Even using the “accommodations” put forth by the Administration, there is an unconstitutional provision forcing insurance providers to give away birth control and abortion coverage for free. That’s like mandating that grocers give away free bread to every customer.

A) Soon after I wrote the first draft of that opening paragraph, Speaker of the House John Boehner called for the elimination of the contraceptive and abortion mandate exactly because of that principle. That same day, a television network founded in 1981 by a cloistered nun filed suit against HHS Secretary Sebelius and other members of the Administration because that mandate would cause the people running their network to violate their religious beliefs. Eternal Word Television Network is not directly run by the Catholic Church, but it airs programming from the Catholic point of view as well as Catholic services.

B) The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee took a different position on the contraceptive and abortion mandate controversy. They celebrated the Obama Administration’s policy in new fundraising materials as a move against the “Republican war on women.” Senator Patty Murray (Donkey-Washington State) used her rusted brain to declare all opposition to the mandate, which includes opposition from all real Christian religions, an “attack” on women.

C) The envirowackos took it a giant leap forward. They claim that one of the big ways to combat the non-existent man-made Glo-Bull Warming is by making birth control and abortion free and available to all women. Talk about jumping the shark…

D) Ann Coulter has lost her mind if she thinks Chris Christie will ever be a viable Republican candidate outside of Noo Joisey. His actions this week are a direct insult to the thousands of American military personnel who have not had this honor upon their death. Governor, you are an idiot to honor a drug addict like that.

E) In England, business owners THINK that they own their businesses, but the courts have now stated otherwise. A Christian couple that owns two guesthouses was ordered to pay big damages to a couple of homos because they refused to rent a room to the homo couple. England USED to be a Christian nation. Now it is ruled by the radical homos and the muslims.

F) Here’s another reason why Hollyweird people need to just shut the hell up. Samuel L. Jackson voted for Obama simply because of skin color. He thinks that is the biggest factor in American politics. He doesn’t even know the issues. In other words, he and most Obama voters are…wait for it…raaaaaaaaaacist! Here’s a hint, ya overpaid line-reader, if you don’t know the issues DON’T VOTE! Not understanding the issues is what gave us Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

G) Public sector employees really have it good. I mean, take a look at this teacher in Californication. He is charged with 23 counts of lewd behavior with children, but even if he is found guilty he will collect a $4000/month pension. Yes, even if he is in prison. The only way to end this would be to put language into the employee contracts stating that if they are convicted of a crime of a certain nature or magnitude, they will lose all benefits. Of course, the public sector unions will never allow such language.

H) The Democrats are starting to get scared. How do I know? Well, when they send out one of their top “strategists” this early in the campaign to proclaim that Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party folks just “can’t deal with the fact that a black man is President of the United States”, it is easy to see that they know they have completely lost on the issues. I wasn’t expecting the race card to start getting played until mid-summer.

I) The Administration’s Propaganda Minister said that the White House has “no opinion” on whether or not the Senate should pass a budget for the first time since His Majesty assumed the throne. In other words, they don’t care about ANY of the requirements of that “flawed” document known as the Constitution. But it got worse. Over the weekend, the White House sent forth their third (or is it fourth?) Chief of Staff to explain why there has been no budget since Obama descended from the clouds of Invesco Field to save us from our sins. Jack Lew used to be the budget director for $lick Willie, so he knows the process. He went out and LIED on CNN’s “State of the Union”, NBC’s “Face the Nation”, and “Fox News Sunday”, saying that it took 60 votes in the Senate to pass a budget, so that is why no budget has come forth in the past 1000+ days. The truth is that it takes a simple majority in the Senate, as filibusters are not allowed on budget legislation. On top of that, why didn’t the Senate pass a budget in the first two years, when they had 60 Democrat Senators? This is yet another part of the Obama campaign’s attempt to blame the Republicans in Congress for what Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have done.

J) On top of that, the realities of the Obama budget plan are far removed from what he and his minions are saying about it. It raises spending everywhere except Medicare and national defense. It raises the debt with averages of $1.4 trillion per year. It assumes increases in revenue of over 17%. In other words, it is nothing but liberal crap and Obama’s people are still liars.

K) Here is a story that will probably come as absolutely no surprise to any of my readers, except maybe those with experience in New Orleans.

L) Since when does the federal government have the authority to throw away the lunch a mother makes for her child and force the child to eat chicken nuggets? The packed lunch looks healthier than chicken nuggets! The government worker in this case needs a swift kick in the arse and a pink slip…and so does the rest of that person’s office. The liberal nanny state is beyond out-of-control.

M) The Administration’s allies in the mainstream media are also upset at the contents of the “flawed” document. Take a look at this interview, in which a Washington Compost writer says that the Founding Fathers might have been wrong to include freedom of religion in the Constitution. The liberal hatred of Christianity and the Constitution is amazing to behold.

N) The Crawfish and many of my fellow bloggers have been warning about an upcoming “Reichstag Fire Moment” that would cause President Obama and his minions to take anti-Constitutional measures, suspend the elections (forever), and institute dictatorial martial law. While our attention has been focused on the CPAC convention and the Occupy/Weather Underground protests against it, it looks like another anti-liberty group has already pulled off a “Reichstag Fire Moment” in order to take over their own nation. The deadly riot at a soccer match in Egypt and the protests following it are working in the favor of the Muslim Brotherhood in their efforts to seize that nation for the Jihad.

O) While we are in the Middle East, take a read over this column regarding US-Israel relations and why they are so important. It is bound to drive the Paulbots absolutely bat guano, which is why I posted it on a couple of Facebook pages that are invested with those isolationist morons. It is written by someone y’all know I highly respect. Allen West for President in 2016!

P) Talk about bad timing! Someone once said that there is no such thing as bad media exposure, but I do believe that this counts as bad exposure for this particular restaurant.

Q) Alert the media! A species once thought completely gone from California has been found in San Diego! There is a judge there who is not a completely brain dead liberal loon! PETA filed a lawsuit on behalf of the orcas of Sea World, saying their 13th Amendment rights were being violated, and that they were being treated as slaves. The judge threw out the suit, pointing out that orcas are not humans.

R) Speaking of the media, I cannot as yet confirm this through major news sources, but as of Friday morning it appears that CNN may have fired all of their Jewish staff in the Middle East and just kept the arab staff. It would not be a shock, since the network has shown a heavy anti-Israel bias over the years, gaining them the nickname of Crescent News Network.

S) This makes it official. Barack Obama wants to disarm the United States in the face of our enemies. He must believe in the liberal kum-ba-ya world that Ron Paul believes in. If we just play nice-nice, nobody will hate us or want to ever harm us.

“To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” –Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution of the United States

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