3-28-2012 The Weekly Claw

Y’all can take this past week and have it. Besides all of the bovine fecal matter involved with the Zimmerman-Martin affair, I was forced to miss work on Monday and shell out over $11K for a new air conditioner unit after the previous one almost burned the house down. I need some Rahr & Son’s Iron Thistle, but the shelves are almost bare of this great seasonal brew. At least all of the reports have the Solicitor General getting his arse handed to him in the SCOTUS Obamacare proceedings.

A) Let’s start with the Fool of the Week Award, and in a big surprise it goes to Barack Obama’s imitation of Ron Paul. Obama says the US needs to be the world leader in nuclear disarmament. As long as the technology is available, there will be nuclear weaponry. Why would we disarm ourselves when we know good and well that the Chinese, Russians, Pakistanis, Indians, Iranians, and North Koreans would never do so? The only thing Barack Obama wants the US to be the world leader in is baring our throats to our enemies.

B) Speaking of baring our throats to our enemies, Barack Obama has signaled to the Soviet Unio…er, Vlad the Impa…, his good buddy Vladimir that if he manages to win re-election, he will be more than happy to negotiate away our missile defense systems in Europe and elsewhere. The man is nothing short of a traitor. At least there are some in Congress and other areas that are already putting their opposition on record and calling Obama out on this issue.

C) The Zimmerman-Martin affair has taken many turns over the past week. Despite all of the hoodie-wearing protests around the country (egged on by the left wing media), mostly blacks, college students, and college professionals who know nothing of the facts but want justice based on perceived racism, the facts of the incident are emerging and they show the sweet, innocent, young Trayvon Martin to be the attacker, which is why George Zimmerman was not arrested. This has not stopped such illegal activity by liberals such as noted racist liberal Spike Lee repeatedly Tweeting George Zimmerman’s home address out so his followers could harass the victim, protesters using this as an excuse to ransack a Walgreen’s Drug Store (par for the course with race-based protesters), and the New Black Panther Party putting up “wanted dead or alive” posters and a $10,000 bounty on the kidnapping of Zimmerman.

D) With the New Black Panther Party committing multiple felonies with their posters and bounty, including inciting violence and suborning kidnapping across state lines, you would think that there would be a federal investigation and arrests of much of the NBPP leadership. Then again, we have the Affirmative Action Attorney General, who has stated that he will never prosecute black perps if their victims are not black and who quashed the case against the NBPP for their blatant voter intimidation during the Obalection of 2008, running his Injustice Department. So much for any justice against these people, who now KNOW they are above the law.

E) Since Jesse Be The Jackson and the Not-So-Reverend Al immediately got involved, screaming RACISM all the way, you have to know that there was not a bit of racism involved and that the story they were spinning was a LONG way from the truth. Duke Lacrosse? Tawana Brawley? Jena Six? What is in it for these two race-hucksters and shakedown artists?

F) Even President Obama came out with race-baiting comments against Zimmerman before he knew any of the facts, just like he did when a white cop arrested a black man seen breaking into a house at Harvard a couple of years ago.

G) To wrap up this part of the column, we have to ask why this case of a black man getting shot in an altercation in which he was probably the aggressor has gotten so much publicity and attention, most of it in the form of lies about racism, when another case from five years ago that included a lot of REAL racism, horrific torture, and brutal murders of two victims received almost no attention, no mass protests, and no public bounties on the killers.

H) Every once in a while, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution engages in random acts of real journalism. In 2008 and 2009, they reported on improbable results in test scores in the Atlanta Public Schools, which resulted in a major investigation that uncovered over 180 principles, teachers, and other staffers tampering with the testing to improve the scores. The newspaper has done another series of investigations into public school testing around the nation, and there seem to be a lot of school districts engaging in possible cheating and/or tampering. Some of the districts highlighted are in North Texas, but the teachers unions and district superintendants say that they won’t do any investigations. The Texas Education Agency spokesperson even gave this comment (can you spot the big error in this statement from someone involved in EDUCATION?): “Although there may be 50 students in year one and 50 students in year one, there is no reason to believe these are the same students.”

I) Here is your Laughingly Idiotic Statement by a Liberal of the Week. Put your beverage down and swallow before opening the link. You have been warned.

J) Just when you thought the liberals running our public schools couldn’t get any more brazen in their liberal indoctrination tactics, we get a Virginia teacher assigning his students to do opposition research on GOP Presidential candidates to be sent to the DNC. Folks, I can’t make this stuff up!

K) I haven’t watched the whole video, so I don’t know if these “65 most outrageous lies by President Obama” are from just this week, this month, this year, or how long. Considering his long-recorded lack of truthfulness, I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t all from the past 3 months.

L) While the sane members of Congress are searching high and low for ways to reduce spending, King Barack has decided to spend $770,000,000 to fight non-existent man-made Glo-Bill Warming in developing countries. I wonder what campaign donor will be getting that money to spend fighting a myth, only to have his “company” go bankrupt next year after spending the money on salaries and benefits only. Where did he get authorization for that expenditure?

M) While we are on the subject of Barack Obama wasting our money, we have the story of the Apologist In Chief giving out tens of thousands of dollars to pay for the deaths of the Afghans killed by the head case Staff Sergeant. Has Afghanistan paid for the murders of Americans by members of the Afghan military or by terrorists based in Afghanistan? Did Congress authorize this spending? The anti-American occupying the White House needs to be kicked out of his residence!

N) Finally there is a judge who has the intestinal fortitude to rule against the envirowacko socialists of the EPA. In a case involving mountaintop mining in West By God Virginia, the Army Corps of Engineers granted the permit including water pollution, but the EPA tried to void the permit. The judge told the EPA to pack sand.

O) The Crawfish encourages all of his readers to check out this website and sign their petition, even though his wife loves the place.

“To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” –Thomas Jefferson

The Constitution of the United States

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20 Responses to “3-28-2012 The Weekly Claw”

  1. Orlando Zambrana Says:

    I believe the Zimmerman case is incredibly racist. some of the black community leaders have taken this as an opportunity to divide the nation even more with their heinousness Rhetoric about how the white man this and that. I am hispanic and have no bias either way I just want justice to be serve the way is suppose to. All that influence and negativity only shows the real racists comes from them..

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  5. SHELLPD Says:

    Just remember who won the election fair and square,, I am really getting sick of the whiners who lost,,Hey we had the other side be in control and what happened? Just to remind you we were in two wars , And one of the wars was really bogus! And we had the worst finacial melt down ever,,,,, but really all this crying from the losing side is annoying!

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