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10-16-2011 The Weekend Claw

Back when we were stationed outside of Texas and had our home rented out, our property manager had to install keyless deadbolts in our front door, back door, and the door from the laundry room to the garage. The laundry room to garage door even had to have a peephole installed. She said it was per code for rental properties. On Thursday, I had a code inspector at the house to do a preliminary check for the replacement of our back door. He reminded me that for the post-installation check, there had to be doorknobs and locks on the door. I asked him about the keyless deadbolt and he informed me that it was not a city code mandate, but a FEDERAL HUD code mandate for rental properties. Where does the federal government get the power to say what kinds of locks I have on my property if I am renting it out, and why is it their business?

A) Speaking of federal interference with private property rights, check out how completely out of control the EPA got with this couple who were simply trying to build a nice home in Idaho. I hope the Supremes give that couple a HUGE settlement straight out of the EPA’s budget. If that makes them unable to do any work for the rest of the fiscal year, GOOD!

B) Barack Obama is now sending US combat troops to central Africa to help hunt down a warlord. He claims that this action “furthers U.S. national security interests and foreign policy”, but I know of absolutely zero American national security interests, strategic interests, or economic interests in that area. If he wants to help out central Africa, he can send about 10,000 African gang-bangers and 50,000 African welfare leeches from our inner cities. I’m sure their work ethic will be right at home.

C) A Clinton-appointed federal judge is now assisting the Injustice Department in making sure that Elena Kagan doesn’t feel the need to recuse herself from the Obamacare cases when they hit SCOTUS. The judge and DOJ are refusing to release e-mail traffic in which Kagan’s involvement with early defenses of Obamacare are subject matter.

D) Fellow blogger Garnet92 (who has a new blog, but my link is messed up) sent this one along. I presume the owner of this establishment is a bitter old women’s libber who is mad that she can’t spell her name in the snow.

E) know it is pretty bad when even MSNBC is reporting on union bosses getting insane pension payments. Nothing will come of it though, since it is the Chicago Way.

F) Obama’s 2nd favorite billionaire (after George Soros, of course), Warren Buffet, collected over $62.8 million in personal income last year while saying that he needs to pay more taxes. Meanwhile, his company owes over a BILLION dollars in back taxes. So the question remains, why isn’t he in prison for tax evasion?

G) There’s more tax fraud in the case of Solyndra’s main investor, who was a big “bundler” for Obama in 2008. How much do y’all wanna bet that he is mentioned in some of the Solyndra communications that the White House is refusing to let Congress take a look at? Whenever there is a scandal involving Democrats, follow the money.

H) Geez. Now the restaurant workers in Than Franthithco want to make 25% tips mandatory. I’m sorry, but a tip is based on the quality of service, and in the United States a 15% tip represents very good service. These people want to get tipped an amount that represents above-and-beyond great service no matter the actual quality of service. Instead of making something mandatory, try WORKING for it! Oh, I’m sorry…I forgot that Than Franthithco is full of liberals, so they don’t know what WORK is. That’s just another reason for me to never visit that city.

I) The Obamacare version of Social Insecurity is such a Ponzi scheme that even HHS Secretary Sebelius is admitting that it can never be fiscally solvent. CLASS was one of the major parts of the bill and was the pet project of Teddythedrunk (D-Formerly of Chappaquiddick, but now of the Lower Levels of Hell).

J) The leaders of the “occupiers” are starting to let their plans be known. They are now saying that they are going to start a bloody revolution. This is exactly what Barack Obama and the Democrats want, so they can institute martial law, cancel the 2012 elections, and throw out the Constitution. They are just waiting for their Reichstag Fire moment. When the Democratic Party, the American Communist Party, and the American Nazi Party all support the “occupiers”, it is quite clear that the goal is to overthrow our Constitution.

K) The “occupiers” are getting evicted from the park in Noo Yawk, since it is private property. Their response is to call for supporters to descend upon the park to defend them. As for the sanitation problems that they have created, they say the city should provide portapots and dumpsters. Sorry, but if you are having an event it is YOUR responsibility to provide those items, not the city’s. UPDATE: Bloomberg caved in to pressure from other Democrats who don’t want the “occupiers” disturbed in any manner. As per usual when appeasement is tried, it just emboldened the “occupiers”, who then marched on Wall Street and other areas to provoke and confront the police with violence.

L) The Boston “occupiers” went so far as to harass a female member of the US Coast Guard, who was in uniform at the time. She had water bottles thrown at her, was verbally assaulted, and was spit upon twice. These truly are the children of the scumbag hippies of the 60s and 70s (you know…the ones who are now the mainstream of the Democratic Party).

M) How desperate is the Administration getting about Obama’s “Save My Job Bill”? Gaffes Biden is now roaming the country freely and warning that failure to pass Obama’s bill will result in more rapes and murders. I thought that more rapes and murders were part of the marching orders they gave to the “occupiers”.

N) See what happens when Democrats start shelling out money to union schmucks as part of a “stimulus”? You get a new terminal at an airport, but the jetways can’t connect to any aircraft.

O) Oh. Good. Lord. The Obama Administration tried to get Japan to accept a FORMAL APOLOGY for nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the “overseas contingency operation” that we once knew as World War II. Let’s examine this for a moment. The two bombings and their after effects killed a total of less than 400,000 people. While the numbers are huge, they pale in comparison to the number of people who would have died if the Allies had been forced to invade Japan to end the war. Such an operation would have taken well over a year to conclude, and conservative estimates were that over 3 million Japanese would die, and American casualties would have been over a million between killed and wounded. Truman made the right call. Meanwhile, the Obama Apology Tour did continue with the Administration officially offering condolences to the family of al-Qaida propagandist and recruiter Samir Khan, who was the right-hand man of Anwar al-Awlaki and was killed with him. Yes, you read correctly. Our government is apologizing for killing terrorists before they can recruit more suicide bombers.

P) I keep harping on the Chinese military buildup and what it means for the future of the western Pacific, but one cause for concern is hardly ever noticed by the American left. By 2020, China will have over 20 MILLION more men than women thanks to their “one-child policy”. How do you think they will deal with that problem? If you answered “war”, you are indeed awake.

Q) We’ve all come to expect it, but I’ll go ahead and give y’all a link to this info anyway. The Obamedia went absolutely bat guano in reporting the Enron collapse, since that company had ties to GOP donors. Notice how the Obamedia simply refuses to acknowledge the Solyndra scandal. Also note how the “occupiers” are getting tons of positive coverage, while the Tea Party coverage was scant and heavily slanted to the negative.

R) Tony Bennett spent waaaaaay too much time leaving his heart in Than Franthithco. He left (or smoked away) most of his brain cells there as well. How else can you explain someone calling Barack Obama the “greatest accomplishment” in American history? My children cleaning their rooms is a greater accomplishment than the parasites electing Mr. Hopey-Changey.

S) This little girl had a greater accomplishment than the election of Barack Obama, and a much greater reward. I can never get tired of these stories.

T) So what are Barack Obama’s accomplishments in his first 1,000 days in office? A couple of them surprised me.

U) Wednesday afternoon, I heard Newt Gingrich go off on the Sean Hannity radio show about a bunch of people who should be in prison, but instead have reaped millions and become the power elite. This article shows some of his debate comments regarding Ben Bernanke, Bawney Fwank, and Chris “Countrywide” Dodd. In the radio interview he also mentioned Democrat power players Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick, both of whom made tens of millions of dollars while running Fannie and Freddie and submitting fraudulent numbers that helped lead to the housing/credit collapse. If you aren’t familiar with those names and their felonious behavior, look ‘em up and ask yourself how they are not in prison.

V) The Iranian assassination plot that the feds supposedly broke up is chock full of holes. Many people believe it to be a false-flag operation made up by the Administration for their own purposes and to get Fast & Furious off of the front page for a while. Even CNN is running an article stating five reasons to disbelieve it. I can give a sixth reason: This Administration’s track record on truthfulness makes the Clinton Administration’s look positively honest. If you want number seven, it would be the mantra of this bunch: Never let a crisis go to waste!

W) I love seeing Red Nanny P-Lousy becoming completely unhinged from reality. She stated that since Republicans don’t want abortions paid for by the taxpayers, they “want women to die on the floor!” If a woman wants to murder her baby, the law allows it, but she must do so with HER OWN money, or money from the sperm donor.

X) The Racist in Chief visited a racist forum and played the race card. Imagine that. The GOP only wants whites to succeed was his message. What a joke he is.

“The first and governing maxim in the interpretation of a statute is to discover the meaning of those who made it.” –James Wilson, Of the Study of Law in the United States, 1790

The Constitution of the United States

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10-12-2011 The Weekly Claw

No, I did not watch the Washington Post GOP debate last night. I had better things to do…like work.

A) What is it about the power-mad control freaks of the left, especially in Europe? New EU safety rules now prohibit children from blowing on noisemakers and blowing up balloons. Since when are simple children’s toys such a severe threat to the entirety of a continent? This is the same cradle-to-grave nanny state mentality that the left wants to impose on us in the United States.

B) If this photo does not completely hack you off, you must be a Democrat. Then there is this one, which also shows the mindset of these “people” in the “occupy” protests. They are also calling for people to “kill the cops” among other things. Yes, these are the people that Nancy Pelosi praises, but about the Tea Party she said: “I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw this myself in the late 70s in San Francisco, this kind of rhetoric. … It created a climate in which violence took place. … I wish we would all curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements and understand that some of the ears that it is falling on are not a balanced as the person making the statements may assume.”

C) The “occupy” movement tried to have a big rally in Fort Worth, but the crowd was quite small and completely unorganized. Check out the photo gallery from our local newspaper. Do any of these people really have a clue?

D) Aaron Goldstein delivers some advice from his grandfather to the “occupiers” out there. The message is completely timeless, but is probably not comprehendible to all those with graduate degrees in Women’s Studies or Parks & Recreation. David P. McGinley adds that there is a nation in which most of the demands of the “occupiers” have already been met, so why don’t they move there?

E) As if we needed any more reminders that Mitt Romney is an unacceptable liberal, he received the endorsement of Chris Christie on Tuesday. RINOs of a feather…

F) Here’s something about the Congressional Budget Office’s scoring of legislation that I didn’t know. When it comes to examining tax changes, the CBO must use static scoring, which does not take into effect what the reactions are to any tax increases or decreases. In other words, their scores are only correct if business practices, investment strategies, and personal spending remain the same after a tax change. In other words, this model significantly favors tax increases and says tax reductions will always lower revenue, when history has proven the opposite.

G) According to the official definition of a recession, the current one ended in June 2009. So how come household income has fallen more in the two years since the recession ended than it did during the recession? Sounds like the definition of a recession is a bit imprecise.

H) I keep telling y’all that these consequences were all part of the Democrats’ plan when they conned Boehner in that “debt deal” earlier this year. They have been looking for the opportunity to eviscerate our Armed Forces since they took over the House and Senate in 2006. Now they have the chance to do it without political fallout, since they will be able to blame the eeeevilll GOP half of the “super committee” for not agreeing to everything THEY wanted. (Democrat definition of bipartisanship: when the GOP caves in to every one of our demands and we give them absolutely nothing)

I) The Affirmative Action Attorney General and some of his minions at the Department of Injustice (or is it Department of Social Justice?) announced that they have foiled a major terrorist plot involving the assassination of the Saudi Ambassador to the United States and the bombing of the Israeli and Saudi Arabian embassies in DC. Is this for real, or is it just an act to make Holder’s bunch look competent and honest in the midst of the Fast and Furious/Gunrunner/Gunwalker/Castaway scandals?

J) Speaking of Saudi Arabia, they have once again shown that Islam practices tolerance about as well as the Democratic Party.

K) All I can say about this story is that the constant rain/light rain/drizzle associated with Seattle tends to rust the brains of that noted left-wing city’s residents.

L) Then again, there’s Canada, where brains get frostbite instead of rusting. Check out this reporterette in Calgary, who says gold is backed by nothing, while the dollar is backed by the US government.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

The Constitution of the United States

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10-8-2011 The Weekend Claw

What is it about Noo Yawk that draws crowds of young people with no work ethic, no manners, no job prospects, and no hygiene? Woodstock in ’69. Wall Street in 2011. Dude, have you ever heard of Right Guard?

A) The head moneyman for many of the far left’s organizations, including the Wall Street Occupiers, is George Soros. We all know that he is scum. He tried to take down the Bank of England and many national currencies. He and his father helped the Nazis get rid of Jews in Hungary. Now Soros’ appeal of an insider trading conviction has been rejected. This is who the Democrats look up to.

B) The Wall Street protesters are providing more comic relief than we ever expected, but they are now providing us with great “teachable moments”. The media and the rest of the left keeps on harping about the Tea Party being a bunch of racists, but they can never provide any evidence for their charges. The lunatics in this protest movement spew forth a lot of racism, but will the Obamedia report on it? Will the Democrats condemn it? Come on, Upchuck! Here are a bunch of anti-Jew protesters in your hometown, with puh-lenty of TV cameras, and you aren’t there to make a statement? Could it be because they agree 100% with King Barack and the DNC?

C) Herman Cain told off the protesters, and then told them off again. Since he is speaking the truth about these whiners, which is exactly opposite of what Obama, Biden, Pelosi, et al are doing, the press will either ignore him completely or savage him for speaking the truth. I like this guy more by the day (unless we’re on the subject of the Federal Reserve).

D) Since Van Jones and Barack Obama quickly started mentioning the Arab Spring in regards to the Wall Street protests, you knew this was coming eventually. When the union bosses sent in their propagandists and thugs, and Barack Obama gave his official blessing, you knew the time was fast approaching. Now the protests have started to turn violent, which was the plan of Soros, Obama, and the Democratic Party all along. They want the protests and violence to spread so they can declare a national emergency and rip away even more of your rights. Another part of the plan was exposed last week when North Carolina’s Governor said elections should be suspended. She wasn’t supposed to let that talking point out of the bag until the protests grew some more.

E) Obamanomics is only understandable if you are a liberal. To anybody who has ever managed a budget, even a household one, it makes absolutely no sense at all.

F) Reality is such a hard concept for liberals. Even after Barack Obama plainly said in an interview with ABC News that the nation is definitely not better off than it was four years ago, Debbie the Ditz comes out and says “ANYONE” can see that the economy is getting better. This mysterious “ANYONE” obviously can’t read any of the economic numbers put out by the government over the past four years. Seriously, she is the best person the Democrats could come up with to chair the DNC?

G) I’m not going to say that Barack Obama lied in his recent press conference regarding the “Save My Job Bill”, but I will let the Associated Press say it for me. This Administration makes the Nixon and Clinton Administrations look completely honest.

H) So how out of touch are the Democrats when it comes to the economy? Well, Barack Obama thinks our biggest unemployment problem isn’t in the private sector. Our biggest problem is that not enough people work for the government! When will we have enough government workers? Maybe when they comprise 75% of the jobs in the nation? Who pays for those jobs? It takes PRIVATE sector workers to fund the government, you idiot!

I) The Administration is all happy happy with the latest job numbers, with 103,000 jobs “added” in September. Too bad that number includes 45,000 Verizon workers who ended their violent strike. The numbers were not good enough to change the base unemployment rate, which remains 9.1%.

J) I am glad to see more black Americans standing up to the demagogues of the left who don’t aspire to true equality, but rather to their own power and wealth. This is a fine column regarding the folks like Jesse the Shakedown Artist, the not-so-Reverend Al “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton, Maxine “Bank Fraud” Waters, and others who conspire to “keep the black man down” while blaming it all on eeeeevillll white conservatives.

K) I know people in the military who have misused government charge cards. The hammer fell on them swiftly and hard, and every penny had to be paid back. Their careers were cut quite short. So why doesn’t this happen when a member of the Affirmative Action Attorney General’s Injustice Department misuses his government charge card to the tune of many thousands of dollars? Could it be that he was working in the Civil Rights Division and shares skin color with Holder?

L) The Crawfish has been saying for years that the American military’s dependence on unmanned aircraft and our planning to use them instead of manned aircraft for many future missions is simply foolish. They may be less expensive and safer for the pilots, but they are completely vulnerable to hacking and any modern enemy would be able to completely disable them with electronic warfare measures such as jamming. We have never used them in an electronic warfare environment, but the ability to hack into their systems has been proven time and again.

M) Eric Holder is even worse than Hillary Clinton in regards to Congressional testimony. Hillary! simply kept replying “I don’t recall” to every question, putting an end to the popular left wing assertion that she was the smartest woman on earth. Holder just keeps on lying time after time, even though his lies are ridiculous. It has now been shown that he received at least five weekly memos detailing the Fast and Furious operation. Holder fired back, calling the Congressional investigations into his lies “irresponsible and inflammatory”, presumably because the people questioning his veracity are using irrefutable evidence. This scandal, among many others, is starting to spin out of the control of Obama’s handlers, just in time for election season…which may be yet another reason they are spurring on the socialist protests.

N) One of the worst fears regarding the Libyan civil war has been realized. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard stole a few thousand man-portable anti-aircraft missiles from the Libyan stockpiles. If this NATO assisted war had been supervised by adults, those stockpiles would have been seized and secured, but this is Obama’s lead-from-behind non-war war.

O) Does this article allay some of the fears about Rick Perry’s stance on illegal immigration? He clarifies a bunch of points that The Crawfish found initially troubling, but I still say he is 100% wrong on in-state tuition benefits for illegals. Friend of The Claw Brian R agrees, but notes that Perry needs to make these points in a much more public manner. One interview with a third-rate columnist isn’t going to fix the problems Perry has on immigration.

P) Check out this opening paragraph of a Reuters story: “The Obama administration Friday sought an immediate order blocking Alabama’s strict new immigration law pending appeal, arguing that it was already driving immigrants out of the state.” If it is driving illegals out of the state, that is a GOOD thing! (unless you are a Democrat)

Q) Expect this to come to America, especially California, is the liberals keep getting their way.

R) The “Durbin Fee” being instituted by Bank of America, and soon to be copied by just about every other bank, has drawn the ire of Barack Obama, who said banks have no right to profit. Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner took it a step further, in essence declaring war on the banks and saying the White House “would prevail” over them. Let’s get this straight. The Democrats have, by legislation, attacked banks and deliberately lowered their earnings. Then they say that they will prevail over the banks. Does that sound like an attempt by the government to shut down businesses just because they make a profit? It looks like this definition definitely describes the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress.

S) Andrew Schwartz asks a very poignant question. Is a “progressive” income tax a violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States?

T) As I have said repeatedly, isolationists like Ron Paul don’t understand post-1830 reality. A global economy means we have global interests politically and economically. Who are we going to sell our good to if our enemies control the rest of the world?

U) How about this one. A juvenile and a 19-year old stole what they thought were blank CDs from a man’s barn. They found 30 of them filled with kiddie porn, so they turned the pedophile (who has that character trait in common with the False Prophet Mohammed) in.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

The Constitution of the United States

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10-5-2011 The Weekly Claw

So far, this has been a good week to observe and laugh!

A) By the time this edition of The Claw is posted, Amanda Knox will have already spent a night in her own bed in Seattle. Her lawyers will have also fielded at least 40 calls about book deals, 15 about movie deals, and 100 about porn deals.

B) All I can really say about this story is…See! It works! Get rid of the incentives and they will leave! Alabama found a way to cut the cost of public education without having any impact on the kids. It gets even better. The folks who were protesting the new law were all concerned about racial profiling against Mexicans, but the first illegal alien arrested under the new law is from Yemen, not Mexico, so he’s not only an illegal but also a possible terrorism suspect!

C) What happens when the drug addled flower children of the 60s raise children in their liberal mindset? You get the Wall Street protesters of today. Let this be a lesson to all those women who think it will be okay for them to smoke pot during pregnancies. Take a gander at their list of demands and see if any of them would work. Chances are you are going to see them as nothing more than typical leftist utopian dogma that has exactly zero chance of working in a world with any reality…but they are good for comic relief! While the protests are spreading to more liberal locals, one thing remains constant, and completely unmentioned by the media. This group of left wingnuts is almost exclusively WHITE. The media blasted the Tea Party constantly with the charges of non-diversity and extreme racism, but what about the lack of diversity with these groups?

D) In a number of speeches over the past 2 years, Barack Obama has mention trade agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia, which he said he wanted passed quickly as they would help our economy and job creation. These agreements were negotiated by the W Administration, but held back from Congress while the union-owned Democrats held the House. You see, Big Labor disapproves. On Monday, The Won finally sent the agreements to Congress.

E) Big Labor isn’t gonna like this bit of news, either. Meeeechigan is the cradle of Big Labor, but the state’s legislature and Governor are now considering giving the workers of that state the freedom to choose whether or not they want to join a union, instead of workers being forced to join a union to keep their jobs. Liberals will have a cow, but then again the only right to choose that they support is regarding abortion. The Crawfish wants this to become federal law as well, since I am forced to be a union member in a right-to-work state because my employer’s building is on federal property.

F) “You don’t have some inherent right just to get a certain amount of profit” sayeth the Community Organizer in Chief. Oh really? Will you puh-leeeeeze show me where the Constitution allows the government to limit the profits of any company. I realize that banks are one of the declared enemy businesses according to our liberal fascist Administration, but how a business operates is not within the purview of our federal government.

G) The whole Bank of America debit card monthly fee issue came up because of the new Dodd-Frank financial regulation law, and an amendment put into that law by Senator Dick “Turban” Durbin. Durbin portrayed himself as a populist taking on the evil banking empire and their highly-paid lobbying machine, when in reality he was doing the bidding of the highly-paid lobbying machine of the big retailers like Wal-mart. That monthly fee is rightfully called the “Durbin Fee.” So how much did his campaign war chest get filled in order to make debit card users “pay their fair share”? A hint of that is found in the story. Just look for a reference to the Podesta Group.

H) Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton has a great column regarding public education. He puts the teachers unions issue in simple terms that all sports fans can understand. What would happen if the NFL was run by the same rules as teachers unions?

I) I’m sure that this will not come as a surprise to anyone who reads my columns, but Eric Holder has been proven yet again to have committed perjury in his Congressional testimony involving Gunrunner/Fast and Furious. Holder testified in May of this year that he had only recently learned of the operation, but now there are e-mail memos showing that he was briefed on the op in July of 2010. We also know that he knew of the op well before that since he gave a speech in 2009 in which he told the Mexican audience that the operation was underway. Can we get an impeachment started?

J) Neal Boortz takes us on a trip on the Way Back Machine to examine the root cause of the housing collapse, and why it is NOT Bush’s fault. He also asks why the media has completely ignored the story.

K) On Tuesday, The Won said “It’s time to pass this jobs bill and get America working again!” Senator Mitch McConnell tried to do just that. He called for an immediate vote on Obama’s “Save My Job Bill” by trying to attach it to another piece of legislation. Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid blocked the move. Obama continues to blame the GOP for delaying his bill, but who blocked a vote on it?

L) On top of that, Dingy and the Senate Dems are changing all of Obama’s provisions to pay for the “Save My Job Bill”, since all of the tax and fee increases presented by The Chosen One are a bit unpalatable leading up to next year’s election.

M) Don’tcha just love it when a liberal blowhard gets completely schooled on live television? Once again we see the pattern. Liberal women are loud, obnoxious, ugly, and never know the facts. Conservative women are restrained, attractive, and smart.

N) This retired Squid has just one thing to say regarding this video…OOH-RAH!

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

The Constitution of the United States

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10-1-2011 The Weekend Claw

Another week comes to a close. I checked the news wires on every break Friday night to see if the White House pulled their usual act of releasing really bad news after the national news shows on a Friday, but alas there was nothing earth-shattering.

A) How far are the courts going to go in getting rid of all of YOUR rights in favor of large corporate interests? In Wisconsin, Judge Patrick J. Fiedler has decided that individuals have no fundamental right to own their own dairy cows, drink unpasteurized milk, or even to produce and consume the foods of their own choosing. Is Wisconsin now part of the Soviet Union or something? How much campaign cash has been donated to this judge by Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland?

B) I know that there are a lot of people out there (including Ron Paul, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton) who are sympathetic to the cause of the so-called “palestinians” and want the US to sell out Israeli land for a possible, but highly unlikely, peace. The reality of the situation is that we are looking at a repeat of the Czechoslovakia situation from 1938 in which Hitler portrayed a German minority, which could have moved to the lands of their own people in Germany if the German people really cared about them, that occupied strategic land in another country as victims of an evil oppressor. Now it is an arab minority living in strategic Israeli lands, while their own fellow arabs, who could offer them land, don’t want to have anything to do with them except use them to fire up their own people and help destroy Israel.

C) Here is yet another analysis of Obama’s “Save My Job Bill”. I know high school students who could come up with a better plan.

D) Newt Gingrich showed once again that he would be an outstanding White House Chief of Staff and strategist when he unveiled a new version of the “Contract With America” this week. I have heard him talk about it on the radio, but haven’t had the time to completely go through it. What I do know of it looks and sounds pretty good, and it is still a work in progress. If he didn’t have the personal baggage and “dislikability”, he would be a good choice for the nomination, but as is he would never win the general election, even against Obama.

E) Just in case any of you have been drinking Ann Coulter’s Chris Christie Kool-Aid, take a look at some of the baggage Christie would bring to the table, including saying illegal immigration is not a crime, and then ask if he is a worthy candidate. He has also supported assault weapons bans, opposed concealed-carry laws, and believes in Al Gore’s Human Origin Global Warming And Similar Horrors (HOGWASH).

F) After reading this headline I had just one simple question…is Obama’s Secret Service call sign “Magneto”???

G) It may be one of the most beautiful areas on earth, but between the massed extreme liberalism of Seattle, the fact that a major eruption of Mount Rainier would wipe out the entire city within 45 minutes (with zero survivors), and this new seismic discovery I don’t think I will ever make Whidbey Island or the Olympic Peninsula my home.

H) Ahhhhh…the Arab Spring, where dictators and other non-Islamist leaders were overthrown, where the Muslim Brotherhood took over a peaceful Egypt, and now where 20,000+ anti-aircraft missiles have gone missing. How many of those missiles are now in the hands of Islamist militant groups?

I) A Congressional report is now showing just how catastrophic the automatic budget cuts will be to the Department of Defense when the “super committee” fails to come up with a bipartisan plan for $1.5 trillion in deficit reductions. Simply put, our military will be in a weaker status than the Jimmy Carter Hollow Force. This is exactly what Obama and the Democrats wanted, and why they gladly accepted the “super committee” plan in that “debt deal”. They have exactly zero intent to let the “super committee” be anything close to successful. This is also another example of why all of the leadership of the GOP must be removed and replaced with Constitutional conservatives.

J) More proof that the left wants an end to our proud military is found in another predictable bit of incrementalism. Now that they have lifted the ban on open homosexuality in the military, the next step is to remove the ban on transgenders, a group that includes he-she’s, she-he’s, cross-dressers, and other psychologically screwed up people. Do ya think this might give patriotic real Americans cause to reconsider joining our military?

K) Rush Limbaugh is now publicly stating what a bunch of us bloggers have been screaming for the past few years. The GOP establishment does not want any real conservatives to ever be nominated for POTUS. Real conservatism would upset their apple cart.

L) In addition to the half-billion that the taxpayers lost in the politically-connected Solyndra case, there are a number of other “green” companies getting government handouts totaling almost $5 billion right now, and when you take a look under the surface you notice that every single one of them is run by big-time Democrat donors and many of them have family connections to powerful Democrats. On top of that, the mainstream media is ignoring the story as if it is nothing more than a basic neighborhood drug deal (obeying their orders from the White House). This whole episode sticks of 3-day old skunk roadkill in the Texas summer. Do the Republicans in Congress have the “equipment” to make hay of this?

M) Here’s your “No S###, Sherlock!” Moment of the Year. Barack Obama stated that ethics would not have made his list of favorite subjects when he was in school, admitting that “ethics is about right and wrong”. We would never have guessed that from the leader of the most unethical administration in history.

N) Janeane Barfalo is at it again. She’s throwing up the racism card regarding GOP voters who support Herman Cain. Let me get this straight. If Republicans support a black man because of his ideas and policies, they are racists. If Republicans oppose a black man because of his ideas and policies, they are racists. If Republicans see a black man on television, they are racists. Where does the nonsense end?

O) Here are some more facts about taxing the rich that the Democrats probably don’t want you to see. It kinda destroys their arguments, again. Damn that Algoracle and his infernal internet.

P) American forces scored a nice victory this week with the sending of American-born muslim al-Qaida terrorist “cleric” Anwar al-Awlaki to his seventy two virgin male camels. Ron Paul responded by calling it an “assassination” and condemned the Obama Administration for not giving the illegal combatant a proper trial despite the fact that his being an illegal combatant means he has forfeited all rights to any legal protection according to the Geneva Conventions. How many times do we need to inform Ron Paul and his Paulbots that muslim terrorists are at war with us, with all of our allies, with Israel, and with anybody who is not a muslim? He once again has proven himself to be just as unqualified for the office of President as Barack Hussein Obama.

Q) This is rich. Mexican drug lords being held in American prisons are complaining about the conditions of their detentions. They are held in solitary confinement in maximum security facilities, which they contend violates international treaties. They have even found American judges who agree with them! These are cartel founders and leaders who have brutally murdered many people and ordered the murders of hundreds, in some cases maybe even thousands, more. If they really want to complain, we can make things a lot less expensive for the taxpayers and give true justice to the victims. Once per week we could take one of them, slice open his leg, and toss him in the waters off Catalina Island or in the Florida Straits. Within 30 minutes the complaining would end permanently.

R) I’ve said before that some people just need to take some drugs and chill out, but now it has been shown that “magic mushrooms” might have a positive longer-term effect than anyone ever thought of.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

The Constitution of the United States

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9-28-2011 The Weekly Claw

Is it Wednesday already? The Crawfish has been a rather bizzy bee, which has cut heavily into my news surfing time. That means you are blessed with a much shorter tome than usual.

A) Michael Moore-on has announced that he is boycotting the state of Georgia because Georgia executed a black man who was a cop killer. Georgia reacted by saying, “Thanks, we didn’t want your fat liberal arse here anyway!”

B) Rick Perry has been pilloried by the media and their allies in the Democratic Party, along with Mitt Romney, for his attacks on Social Security. That’s what happens when someone is 100% correct in exposing liberal demagoguery. You see, Texans showed the way in replacing Social Security with a better plan in the early 1980s, until the Democrats closed that door for good. It is time to reopen that door!

C) Every time Herman Cain opens his mouth or puts words on paper, I seem to like him more. His plan for real reform in the realm of taxation is the best of any politician out there with the sole exception of The Fair Tax. While I don’t believe straw polls are worth anything in reality, I hope his big victory in Florida gives his campaign a big boost.

D) Herman Cain wrote this article for Human Events back in 2006. If anything, it has become more relevant in the past five years.

E) One of the main plans that the Democrats had when Obama took office was to deeply slash our military capabilities. Even without the disabling cuts that the military budget would take if the “super-committee” fails to agree on a deficit reduction plan, the military budget would plummet to levels not seen since the 1930s in terms of a percentage of the overall budget. Take a look in this article at what kind of cuts we would face, and then realize that how much the Democrats hate our military and all it stands for.

F) Did you know that union violence in support of “legitimate union objectives” is not illegal? The Supremes of the early 70s even upheld that notion. It is well past time to change most of our laws regarding union activity.

G) The Chosen One has been trying out new campaign mantras recently, and one that he seems to like is blaming Congress for doing nothing, since the Blame-Bush thingy ain’t working anymore. If he really wants to go there, he needs to take a look at what Congress has done this year. The Harry Reid Senate has only recorded 137 votes, while the GOP House has made 711 votes, including over a dozen pro-growth bills that have gone nowhere in the Senate.

H) OMG! Obama, like, has been turned down by one of his, ya know, core constituency cable networks. MTV rejected his campaign’s overtures and actually stated it doesn’t do political work. Really? MTV has been one of the major media players in every Democratic Party campaign since the network started!

I) New unConstitutional regulations being put forth by the EPA seem to be a key to Obama’s “jobs program”, as they would require at least 230,000 bureaucrats and $21,000,000,000+ to administrate. Of course the cost to businesses would be much more. The EPA wants to implement these regulations under the Clean Air Act, which authorizes CONGRESS to make regulations, but not the EPA. Government jobs are the only ones the Obama Administration knows how to create or save.

J) How dead-in-the-water is Obama’s “Save My Job Bill”? Well, when you see that it has been introduced in the House and Senate “at the request of the President” and has a grand total of zero co-sponsors (combined House and Senate), I think that qualifies as a big ker-plop.

K) Every time someone claims that all of the Reagan and Bush tax cuts were only “for the rich”, just show them the graph in this article and ask them if they are ready to face reality instead of Democrat talking points.

L) Watch as Judge Judy tries, seemingly in vain, to get this societal leech to understand that he is misusing taxpayer money, and then she turns and nukes the plaintiff for being an idiot as well. Yes, we support this kind of stupidity with our hard earned dollars.

M) The Obama Administration continued their anti-Israel/pro-muslim terrorist policies this week as they called Israel’s approval of more housing for Israelis within Israel “counterproductive”. Jerusalem is 100% Israeli. The so-called “palestinians” have no legitimate claim to the Holy City, since their allies lost all of that territory when they tried to exterminate Israel.

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

The Constitution of the United States

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9-24-2011 The Weekend Claw

I didn’t have a whole lot of online research time in the 2nd half of the week, so this one’s a bit shorter than usual.

A) The Obama Administration may have said “NO” to new F-16 sales to Taiwan (and to The Crawfish’s job), but there are efforts underway in the House and the Senate to push the sales through anyway. Senator John Cornyn has put up legislation attached to a trade bill, and co-sponsored by Republicans, Democrats, and an Independent, to force the sale, while Representative Kay Granger has done the same in the House. The Senate version could come up for debate as early as Tuesday (9/27). With strong bi-partisan support in both chambers, they just might be able to overturn His Majesty’s kissing of Chinese butt.

B) I know we all tend to refer to The Won and his party as socialists, but the more correct term would be fascists. Then again, they are two sides of the same coin.

C) If any of y’all thought that the jobs bill had anything to do about saving/creating jobs (other than those of Obama and the union bosses), take a look at some of the stuff that is in there. This bill is all about giving power to the federal government and taking it away from the states. It specifically throws out the 11th Amendment. Again, the Democrats will do anything possible to overturn our Constitution.

You simply won’t believe this story until you realize that it happened in Chicago. A union organizer got hired by the Daley Administration to work for the city of Chicago for a single day and then was put on an indefinite leave of absence so he could continue being a union boss. After many years of not working for the city, he is now retired and making $158,000.00 per year as a pension from the city. For ONE DAY of work!

D) Just in case any of you still harbored thoughts of Ron Paul being a viable candidate, the fact that he has stated that he would consider Dennis Kucinich for a Cabinet position is People’s Exhibit 72344 of his lack of fitness for duty.

E) The SEIU’s Stephen Lerner tells a “progressive” summit that the progs need to “create a crisis” for the rich. He advocates all sorts of law-breaking and such, including bringing cities like Houston, Seattle, Boston, and Noo Yawk to a complete standstill. Meanwhile, it is the Constitution-loving Tea Party folks who are on the terrorist watch lists. If any of that law breaking does occur, he should be charged as an accessory or as a conspirator. The evidence is on You Tube.

F) The only problem with this story is that the final act came about a decade late.

G) Rick Perry is trying very hard to lose the GOP nomination. How else can you explain his stupidity in doubling down on his support for TAXPAYER-funded lower tuition rates for illegal aliens? He says you don’t have a heart if you don’t want the illegals to better themselves. WE say you don’t have a brain if you don’t realize that the only taxpayer funds for illegals should be used to prevent their entry, to track them down if they do get in, and to deport their illegal arses once found.

H) This lady got all bent out of shape over a search by a TSA agent within a couple of days of the Afghan Turban Bomber. Kinda reminds me of the old Haarlem Globetrotters cartoon, where one of the guys had anything they ever needed in his ‘fro.

I) This is what you would expect from a company run by left-wing loons. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream now has a flavor named “Schweddy Balls”. It is named after a sexual innuendo from an old Alec Baldwin skit on “Saturday Night Live”.

“We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another.” – Richard Nixon

The Constitution of the United States

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9-21-2011 The Weekly Claw

The Humpty Dumpty Administration is dancing on the top of a very tall wall. This fall is going to be spectacular to watch.

A) How twisted is the liberal mind? Henry Cisneros, the disgraced former HUD Secretary, fully supports illegal immigration. Heck, a large portion of the city he once served as Mayor is illegal (San Antonio). He say that illegals are “the best other societies can send.” Really? Drug gang members and societal leeches are the best other societies have to offer?

B) Howard Dean is happy about a new study that proves Obama’s main points regarding Obamacare (“If you like your plan, you can keep it” and “it will not add a penny to the deficit”) are completely false, and that one third of all private sector employers will dump their private insurance in favor of the government plan. At least he admits that the whole intent was to end private insurance.

C) Is the current state of the White House enough to bring about the return of the Hill-Bill Show? She said when she took the SecState job that this was it for her and politics, but y’all didn’t believe that for a second, did ya?

D) The Affirmative Action Attorney General and his Injustice Department are taking Texas to court, again. The newest redistricting map, drawn and approved by the state legislature, doesn’t add any new minority-specific Democrat-majority districts among the four new ones Texas gets because of the 2010 Census. So let me get this straight. A Republican led legislature is supposed to purposely draw up a new map that gives more seats to the Democrats, or Holder’s bunch will fight it in federal court because it doesn’t jive with the Voting Rights Act? Where does the Constitution give redistricting authority to the feds?

E) We finally found out how Obama plans to pay for his “Save Obama’s Job” bill. As expected, he wants to raise taxes on those who actually hire people by $1,500,000,000,000.00+, despite him having said in the past that raising any taxes during a recession is the wrong thing to do. The Democrats are fully behind him, saying that the Republicans will be seen as just being nice to the rich if they oppose The Won. It is ALL about politics, because the bill and the tax increases would do nothing for employment, except a small spike in construction jobs until the federal $$ runs out. Not a single permanent job would be created by this mess. His plans also raise costs for airline travel, make military retirees pay a $200 fee for no reason other than they are turning 65 and an annual fee to renew their insurance, charge business aircraft owners $100 more per flight, adding fees to mortgage payments, and possibly charge military retirees more for their healthcare (which was supposed to be fully paid for, according to the enlistment contracts, but is already not the least expensive insurance available in some cases).

F) Obama’s obsession with “fairness” is extending into the military, again. The military retirement system was designed to be an incentive for members to serve for at least 20 years. If you stick it out for that long, you get 50% of your base pay (not including allowances and bonuses that typically make up about half of most military paychecks), but that money is still taxable. This isn’t “fair” to those who don’t have the dedication to stay for 20, so it must be changed to give benefits to those who wuss out after 4 or 8 years. So what is the incentive to serve for 20 now? Those folks who have put in 10+ years are the backbone of the military. They are the professionals who train and lead the newbies. Only someone who hates America and our military would propose such nonsense.

G) How bad is Obama’s job performance with regard to blacks in America? Well, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (Donkey-MD) of the Congressional Racist Cauc…er, Congressional Black Caucus said that if this President was anybody BUT Obama, they’d be calling for marches on the White House, but since it is Obama they can’t because that “would empower those who hate the President.” In other words, the only reason they are not calling for blacks to march on DC is because there is a black President. Sounds like raaaaaacism to me.

H) Oh, and that urgent “PASS IT NOW!” bill…won’t actually be ready to present to Congress until sometime next month, after yet another vacation.

I) Meanwhile, the fact that this Administration doesn’t really care about jobs (other than their own) was brought home this week as Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Incorporated not only schooled the Administration in testimony on Crapitol Hill, but he also stated that the current federal government fined his company for hiring too many people!

J) Some things never change. Rahm Emanuel is still using thug tactics as Mayor of Chicago. He actually threatened to burn down the house of someone who opposed one of his ideas. Anywhere outside of Corruptionois, that threat would land him in prison. Meanwhile, when the issue of Solyndra is brought up, Rahmbo channels his inner-Hillary with a series of “I don’t recall” statements.

K) The White House and Democratic leaders tried to say that the special election in Noo Yawk had nothing to do with President Obama, but David Weprin says that the election was indeed a referendum on Obama. He ought to know, since he was the Democrat candidate.

L) Although the Administration and LightSquared execs are trying to say otherwise, a second person has come forth saying that the White House tried to influence their testimony before Congress.

M) With the palestinian statehood issue at the forefront this week, and the Obama Administration sending out all sorts of conflicting signals, Rick Perry unloaded on Obama’s policies regarding Israel. The only thing he left out was that Gaza, Golan, and West Bank are all rightfully part of Israel, since they were won in an attempted war of extermination launched by the arabs. If the so-called palestinians want their own state, let them take lands carved out of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. The arabs have plenty of land to share with their fellow arabs.

N) The Religion of Peace has struck yet again, and this time the winner of the 72 virgin male camels had the bomb in his turban. If we start inspecting turbans, the rest of the Followers of the Pedophilic False Prophet will go absolutely bat guano.

O) Representative Mike Quigley Down Under (Donkey-Corruptionois) visited an Islamic conference and apologized on behalf of America. When are the muslims going to apologize for all of their atrocities? I haven’t heard a single apology for Daniel Pearl, the Khobar Towers, 9-11, Munich, Rome, or any other terrorist action committed in the name of that death cult. Quigley is officially a traitor, committing the very definition of treason. We, on the other hand, have NOTHING to apologize for in regards to Islam.

P) I wholeheartedly agree with John Lehman on this issue. The PC police have taken over our military, and we have lost many of our true warriors as a result.

“We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another.” – Richard Nixon

The Constitution of the United States

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9-14-2011 The Weekly Claw

“In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love; they had five hundred years of democracy and peace and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock.” - Orson Welles

A) The Congressional seat previously occupied by Geraldine Ferraro, Upchuck Schumer, and Oscar Mayer Weiner has gone to the GOP for the first time since 1923, with the Democrat getting less than 40% of the vote. What kinds of shock waves are being felt throughout the Donkey Party leadership today?

B) The Crawfish has been invited to conduct an interview via e-mail with for Dallas Mayor and current candidate for the United States Senate, Tom Leppert. I submitted my slate of 22 questions to his staff on Tuesday. They gave no promises of when the answers will come back to me, since he is still an active businessman and city leader, but they will be featured in a Special Edition of The Claw when I get ‘em. Stay tuned!

C) Folks, I can’t make this stuff up. A fatty in Nanuet, Noo Yawk is suing White Castle Hamburgers because the seat size in their restaurant booths is too small for his lard butt. He is using the Americans with Disabilities Act as his backing, although being a fatazz because you eat too much and exercise too little is not a disability. “I just want to sit down like a normal person” he says. Well, then try losing some weight so you are the size of a normal person.

D) When the new came down that a solar energy company supported by Barack Obama to the tune of $535,000,000.00+ was going bust, we all knew to follow the money trail. The people behind this company are indeed big Obama and Democrat donors, with a whopping sixteen Obama White House visits on his personal scorecard. In the five years prior to the White House money infusion, the company had lost an additional $558,000,000.00+, so everybody and their dog knew that this company was already a bust. Not only that, but the White House made sure that the provisions of the loan put the American taxpayers at the back of the line to recover any remaining money if the company went bust. The billionaire owner gets to sell off the assets and keep the money. Will this scandal, on top of Fast and Furious/Gunrunner/Gunwalker/Castaway scandal finally bring down this Administration? How will Debbie the Ditz and Propaganda Minister Carney defend it? What talking points will they issue to the media?

E) Continuing the practice pioneered by his Democratic predecessors, Barack Obama plans to enact most of his agenda through Executive Orders and regulations from Executive Branch agencies. This practice is highly illegal, since Article I section 8 of the Constitution gives ALL regulatory powers to Congress. It is well past time for Congress to take back the reins of power.

F) The biggest issue facing Rick Perry in his quest for the GOP nomination is his policies regarding illegal immigration. If he were to come out and flatly state that he would accept no plans that include amnesty for illegals, he’d win over a large number of currently uncommitted conservative voters. His stance of no wall spanning the whole border is plausible, since a fence or wall without proper backup will slow down illegals by a whopping 30 seconds. His promotion and signing of the Texas DREAM Act is troubling, but if the federal government is not going to deter illegal immigration nor deport all illegals, the states

G) So how are the policies of Governor Moonbeam and his heavily-Democratic legislature affecting businesses in the formerly great state of California? An online business owner has sent the Gov a nice Dear John letter. Expect much more of this from businesses currently in that state.

H) Mister “Pass this bill!” has sent his bill up to Congress, and it is exactly what we thought it would be. It is Son of Failed Stimulus, and is paid for by making the “rich” (aka those who actually pay taxes) “pay their fair share” (aka pay even more to support the moochers). He said that Congress had to pass the bill immediately with “no games, no politics, no delays” when he has already made it 100% games and politics. He wants it passed quickly so that by the time the public finds out what is in there it will be too late to stop. How is the “Super Committee” supposed to come up with reductions in the deficit when this joker adds in another $447,000,000,000.00+ to the bill? The same tax increases that he is touting are the ones the Democrats wanted to use in that “Super Committee” and almost all have already been rejected by the House.

I) Rat-faced David Axelrod says that the Obama jobs package must be passed as a complete package, stating: “We’re not in a negotiation to break up the package. It’s not an à la carte menu. It’s a strategy to get this country moving.” Sorry, but there are many elements that are complete non-starters and were put in there for Obama campaign purposes instead of for helping the nation. We’re not in a negotiation to pass Son of Failed Stimulus. Then again, the rest of the White House staff, and Obama himself, seem to be signaling that the President will indeed sign any pieces of his plan that get passed even if the rest get nuked. So who screwed up in distributing the talking points?

J) In case you missed it during the Monday debate, Ron Paul once again proved himself to be an idiot regarding foreign policy and the very basis of Islam.

K) The Davis-Bacon Act requires all federal construction contracts to pay union wages, even if the company doing the job is non-union. This costs the federal government billions of dollars every year. If The Crawfish were to, by some act of a God with a sense of humor, become President, I would push for legislation requiring all government contracts to go to companies whose workers are not forced to belong to any organization (or pay dues equivalent) that uses money taken from the workers’ paychecks for political activity. I would also push for all federal property to be right-to-work.

L) The median price of a house in America is about $172,000. So why is the government going to spend $330,000.00+ each to house twelve homeless people in Bethesda, MD, for a single year? That makes absolutely no sense, unless you are speaking with a liberal.

M) I’m all for scientific research and medical advances, but this story just strikes me as really weird. It almost seems fit for a sci-fi “B” movie from the 60s.

N) Remind me in a few years not to let my kids go to Northern Arizona University. Any school that persecutes people handing out American flags on such an important weekend needs to lose all conservative students and all federal funds.

“We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another.” – Richard Nixon

The Constitution of the United States

9-7-2011 The Weekly Claw

North Texas has gone from record highs to approaching record lows in less than a week. The cooler temperatures are most welcome, but the winds and continuing dry conditions haven’t been.

Before we get started, I am working on a Special Edition of The Claw. I have been invited to interview (via e-mail) Senatorial candidate and former Mayor of Dallas Tom Leppert. I invite my readers to tell me what questions they’d like me to ask him.  Post them as comments or send them to me in an e-mail if you have one of my addresses.

A) This guy had one heckuva first experience riding in a plane.

B) Is government in America out of control? Do we really have the right to live as we wish? Check out this story and then answer those questions.

C) Jimmy Hoffa, who has never actually worked a day in his life, has some tough words for those who do not believe in Big Union. Hoffa has gotten all of his money and power by extorting dues from workers who have no choice but to join a union, something The Crawfish knows all about. So does he care about “workers”? Nope. He’s just in it for his own power. He’s out there declaring war on Republicans, and prepping his thugs for fighting, saying union thugs like a good fight and they need to “take these sons of bitches out!” This is, of course, the new “civility” from the Democratic Party. When asked about his remarks, Debbie the Ditz refused to answer and changed the subject to non-existent coarse language at Tea Party rallies. President Obama said he was proud of Hoffa, while his Propaganda Minister avoided the subject completely.

D) So why would Jimmy Hoffa be so far into the hip pocket of Barack Obama? Maybe because Obama has vowed to end the long-running federal oversight of the Teamsters and their rampant corruption. If the feds are removed from the Teamsters headquarters, the corruption levels will reach Jimmy Hoffa Senior standards within a month.

E) Michelle (***sigh***) Malkin gives us the Top Ten union thug moments of the past year, and Hoffa’s remarks made the list.

F) As long as we’re on the subject of union stupidity, the US Postal Service is on the verge of a complete shutdown because they can’t meet their costs. Labor costs eat up 80% of the USPS budget, compared to 53% at UPS (which hires TEAMSTER drivers only), and 32% at FedEx (NON-union). USPS employees have benefits packages among the absolute best in the federal government (not including Congress, POTUS, of VPOTUS). One of the possible solutions is to cut 20% of the bloated work force. The hitch in that plan is that the union has a clause in the latest labor contract forbidding ALL lay-offs, and they are opposing any breech in that contract. When the union bosses face a choice between 20% losing their jobs and 100% losing their jobs, they choose 100%, believing that Barack Obama and the Democrats will come to their rescue with yet more money from the great-grandchildren of our taxpayers.

G) Obama’s Labor Day speech was seen as a possible preview to his Thursday jobs speech. So how did the markets react to his speech. I wouldn’t exactly call that a success.

H) I saw this post somewhere on Facebook and had to steal it: Tea Party Protesters are R.A.C.I.S.T. – Real Americans Challenging Intrusive Socialistic Tactics.

I)It is almost funny and yet so sad to see how the Democrats live in some fantasy world devoid of reality. Debbie the Ditz is now saying that the so-called “stimulus” actually WORKED! It created 3.6 million jobs! It turned the economy around! Really? Somebody get that chick a drug test. Here’s a look at jobs lost in recessions over the past 40 years and jobs gained in the 24 months following them. Does that look like success, Debbie?

J) Her fellow space cadet, Maxine Waters, is calling for another trillion dollar jobs program. Heck, the last one worked so well that we might as well spend TEN trillion so we can make sure EVERYBODY has a job! That would work, right? So what if we’d never be able to pay for it even if we taxed every wage earner in America at 100%. Communism has NEVER worked and never will.

K) I saw this story on Neal Boortz’s site and knew it was right for my readers.

L) The Noo Yawk Slimes has officially endorsed Sharia Law in America, and even went so far as to say it is just like Jewish Law. When in the past 2000 years did Jewish Law include commandments that all non-believers must be converted, enslaved, or killed? What part of Jewish Law says that women are property and are to be treated as such? What part of Jewish Law commands that the world be conquered and entirely subjected to Islam?

M) We have now found out why Barack Obama defied Congress and continued the war in Libya despite the War Powers Act. It is all according to the master plan.

N) Another former camper at Club Gitmo has been found on the battlefields of Afghanistan. Why have we let any of these illegal combatants go free? They do not qualify for POW status according to the Geneva Conventions, and illegal combatants normally fall under the category of having no rights, including that of life. When we are done extracting information from them (by whatever means necessary), we should turn them into shark food.

O) Nearly 40% of Europeans suffer from mental illness. We in America call it socialistic liberalitis or societus moochus.

P) Can we get this law here in America? I know a bunch of folks who would like to see it the other way around.

Q) I don’t know how Eric Holder allowed this, but the FBI has arrested a prominent Democrat donor and campaign treasurer on mail fraud charges.

R) So how does a workers’ paradise function, with years of liberal control of the legislature and liberal governors? Well, California’s employment rate is now at record lows. I know…it must be the fault of the Republicans and George W. Bush.

S) One of the reporters who first broke the Gunrunner/Fast and Furious story says that the roadblocks being put up in front of the current Congressional investigations show the need for a second front. The House Foreign Affairs Committee has jurisdiction as well, and has members who would love to sink their teeth into this case. The cover-up on this scandal is making Watergate look tame.

T) Did you know that one person arrested in the Gunrunner program confessed to making IEDs from American military munitions and selling them to one of the Mexican cartels? Within hours of his arrest, the US Attorney’s Office in Arizona ordered him released within hours of his arrest. His whereabouts became unknown shortly thereafter.

U) Forty eight people were shot in Noo Yawk over the Labor Day holiday. Mayor Bloomberg blamed the Constitution for the violence. Typical left wing Democrat.

V) Why is it that Democrat Presidents like to give military-grade technology to China under the guise of non-military technology? Bill Clinton directed Loral Corporation, whose execs were big Clinton donors, to sell China satellite guidance technology. Before that happened, their ICBMs could not accurately target American cities and military installations. Now they have the ability to hit us precisely. Barack Obama has General Electric selling avionics technology to China. This will benefit Jeffrey Immelt, GE’s CEO, who happens to be not only a big Obama Donor, but Obama’s job creation advisor. Congress and the Pentagon are now investigating this mess.

“We must always remember that America is a great nation today not because of what government did for people but because of what people did for themselves and for one another.” – Richard Nixon

The Constitution of the United States

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