Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

Eligibility & Apply

Find SchoolsEligibility requirements depend on service status. If you are legible, can help you find schools where you can use Tuition Assistance.


  • Enlisted Servicemembers: Active Duty and Selected Reserve

    Courses must be completed before discharge or retirement.

  • Officers: Active Duty, Health Services and Selected Reserve

    Must serve one year after courses are finished.

  • Selected Reserve

    Must maintain satisfactory participation in drill attendance.

  • Civilian Employees

    • Must have served in the Coast Guard for 12 months and have at least 90 days left to serve.

    • Must agree to stay employed with the Coast Guard for one month for each completed credit hour.


Follow these three steps to apply for Coast Guard Tuition Assistance:

  1. Application

    Complete an Application for Coast Guard Tuition Assistance (CG Form 4147) and submit the form to the USCG Institute.

  2. Authorization

    If the USCG Institute approves your application, it issues you a Tuition Assistance Authorization Form (CGI-1560).

  3. Register

    Take this authorization form with you when you register for classes.

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Joe's Notes


You may be able to take remedial coursework through TA if your school requires that you pass remedial classes before starting a freshman level course. However, these courses are not transferable to other schools.


Because the USCG Institute processes TA applications through the Navy Command, the Navy signs TA checks.