Gilbert Berg: Honorary Member Ranger Hall of Fame


The proposed citation for Master Sergeant Gilbert M. Berg to be inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame as an Honorary Member was in recognition of an exemplary 41-year military career, of which 34-years significantly impacted the United States Army Rangers, The Ranger Foundation, and the Ranger Community. Master Sergeant Berg honored and preserved the spirit and contributions of America's most extraordinary Rangers.

Gilbert Berg Receives the Ranger Hall of Fame Medallion

Master Sergeant Berg was unofficially assigned to the 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in 1974, where he spearheaded and served as Opposing Forces Commanding General, leading countless training support missions for the 1/75 Rangers for the next four years, directly contributing to their tactical excellence and combat readiness. Hundreds of Rangers' leadership, character and intestinal fortitude, were challenged and encouraged by Master Sergeant Berg.

While serving on active duty, Master Sergeant Berg became a member of several Ranger organizations, including the Chairborne Rangers, the United States Army Ranger Association, and the 75th Ranger Regiment Association. Master Sergeant Berg is highly recognized in the Ranger community, is an Honorary Life Member of the United States Army Ranger Association and was inducted as an Honorary Life Member of the 75th Ranger Regiment Association.

For more than 12-years, Master Sergeant Gilbert Berg has been a staunch supporter of the Ranger Memorial Foundation, has generously sponsored a team for the annual Best Ranger Competition for more than 5-years, and has made extraordinary contributions to Ranger units, the Ranger Foundation and the Ranger community in general.

Master Sergeant Gilbert M. Berg, (Retired) US Army, lived the Ranger Creed in word and deed.

Therefore, it is... August 8, 2007

About a thousand people attended the ceremony to witness fifteen Ranger Inductees and two Honorary Inductees into the Ranger Hall of Fame at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Out of 258 Members of the Ranger Hall of Fame, only 13 individuals are "Honorary Members". Gilbert Berg served in the United States Army for 41-years, but was not a Ranger; thus, his Honorary Induction into the Ranger Hall of Fame was indeed a great honor.


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