Fort Riley KS

Area Overview

Fort Riley, Kansas serves over 27,000 civilian and military workers of the United States Army and their families.  Fort Riley is spread out over 100,671 acres of Northeast Kansas and is home to an Active Component/Reserve Component Division. Fort Riley is located in the heart of America and considered the "home of America's army".

Key Attractions

Fort Riley has many buildings and monuments open to the public.  Fort Riley has all the modern amenities of any community including recreational services and medical and dental facilities available. 


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Public & DoDDS Schools

Public school district near Fort Riley, KS :


Colleges and Universities

Five universities offer on-post programs for five terms per year.


Colleges and universities in the area surrounding Fort Riley, KS:


On-Base Housing

For single soldiers, there have been many renovations to the barracks at Fort Riley.  For the        families at Fort Riley there are over 3,000 quarters.  Fort Riley Family Housing was transferred to Picerne Military housing and is now in the process of community development.  Completion is scheduled for the year 2016.  For more information regarding family housing at Fort Riley contact the housing office by calling (785) 239-3525.

Off-base Housing

Fort Riley, KS is known as the "Home of America's Army" and is a strong military community.      Outdoors activities such as hunting and fishing provide activities for soldiers and their families. Fort Riley is a beautiful place to serve and live.  The average military home for sale in Fort Riley, KS for 2008 was $156,592.


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