An Early Father’s Day for Military Dads

First let me say “Happy Father’s Day!” to our military dads! I do not normally post on Sunday’s, but I don’t want the special day to go without a special shout out to them. Our military husbands and fathers are extraordinary men with and extraordinary calling — to be warriors, husbands and fathers!

It was neat to see something targeting dads and giving them a chance and opportunity to bond with their kids. Enjoy:


Father’s Day Comes Early For Military Dads Watching “Cars 2″

June 16, 2011 | 7:58 AM | By Beth Ford Roth



Disney provided a special early screening of the movie “Cars 2” for the military dads and their children who gathered at the White House yesterday to mark the beginning of the year of “Strong Fathers, Strong Families.” The Obama administration initiative stresses the importance of paternal involvement in kids’ lives. Participants in the program “Strong Fathers, Strong Families” get the opportunity to enjoy things like discounted professional sports games and zoo visits with their children.

About 100 military fathers, along with their little ones, enjoyed the White House screening of “Cars 2,” although the movie doesn’t officially open until June 24. Disney is also planning on screening the movie early on five military bases.

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