MEPS Preparation

Once your medical examination has been reviewed and your recruiter is given the okay, you will have a scheduled visit to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS).  Here are some tips to prepare you for your visit:

  • Bring your Driver’s license, Social Security card, and birth certificate with you.

  • Ask your parents/guardians about any medical condition in your past and bring documentation.

  • If you were glasses or contacts, bring them, your prescription and lens case.

  • Prepare for the ASVAB.  The score you get on this test will help determine your eligibility for the military and enlisted jobs.  For tips on how to do your best visit AllMilitary’s ASVAB Prep.

  • There is a lot of waiting so bring a book to read.  Leave headphones, jewelry and other valuables at home. 

  • Dress comfortably but neatly.

  • Wear modest underwear.  You will be embarrassed if you don’t!

  • Hats are not allowed.

  • Processing will start early- make sure to get a good nights rest.

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